By: Andile Maqanda


Basotho trace their identity back to King Moshoeshoe I, and they have come to be referred to as the ‘Nation of peace’ since the founder himself was well known to be peaceful person.

However modern-day diseases seem to take toil over their peace, and provoking their souls to grieve and despair. While endeavouring to attain proper health, by which their peace shall be maintained and restored, Basotho face serious health challenges daily, and people are deprived the opportunity to live in full liberty, due to compromised health.

This stems from the fact that people suffer chronic illnesses without obvious causes, which in turn obligate the ill ones to rely on lifetime medication or even struggle to find treatment at times.

However, Fola Health and Wellness (FHW) turns the table around as they embark on a new concept from their perspective and become a fountain of water, which if people draw water from, shall live.

FHW is a Christian centred health centre. It respects and takes cognisance of everyone’s different religious beliefs, and also believes that God is the ultimate healer in all their approaches and therapies.

Believing that human body is designed in unison of mind, body and soul, diseases are neither named nor isolated, but instead each body is treated as a whole, as a way of rooting out diseases entirely. It was registered as a human health organisation on July 11th 2014.

This is a holistic, naturopathic health and wellness improvement centre which uses natural modalities like whole foods/whole body nutrition, traditional herbal medicine, water therapies, oxygen/ozone therapies, calisthenics exercises, massage, sunlight/infrared therapies, individually tailored fasting, and body detoxification amongst others.

They use the best treatment modalities, safe and free from harmful side effects and combine them with latest technologies for optimum results.

This centre is fully immersed in strive to fully eradicate lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure, cancer, sugar diabetes, heart diseases, arthritis etc. Not leaving aside lifestyle conditions such as stress, obesity, depression, etc. 

Individuals are coached on how to switch from diseases to a disease free and healthy lifestyle through simple and readily available methods such as detoxification, hydrotherapy using ozone sterilization approach, correct nutrition, massage, exercising, natural therapies/treatments and most importantly spiritual rejuvenation; which in return give a holistic life.

Thorough individual scientific health assessments are conducted, then recommendation of a tailored diet with ancillary therapies and treatments including medicinal herbs are given to patients.

Most people are either sick or not enjoying optimal health mainly due to poor lifestyle and/or their environment. Therefore, they are empowered as individuals and organisations to improve and own their health and that of their families via teaching expositions and seminars, developed based on the specific challenge presented.

FHW also does house calls alongside healthy cooking demonstrations for the families/organisations that require such services.

The sole responsibility of FHW is to ease the lives of diseases ridden individuals and areas.

FHW serves to bring a beam of light and to break the complexity of modern-days illnesses. It is not to achieve its goal by substituting drugs with herbs, but however intend to put people in a situation which will allow them to lead normal lives, without ever having to rely on either drugs or herbs, since their mission is to aid their clients to dispatch from any lifestyle diseases to the best level of their ability.  

It is evident enough that if Basotho comply with the treatment given at FHW, the government expenditure in the Ministry of Health shall decrease.

FHW serves as a pillar of the government in maintaining the healthy lifestyle of Basotho natural way.

“Our main goal to the nation is to demonstrate/educate people to prevent and reverse NCDs and other diseases using simple, natural God given lifestyle interventions. The aim is to improve peoples’ quality of life and overcome the ever increasing so-called incurable dis-eases,” adds Dr. Lithathane Nkhasi.