By: Thandiwe Kubere

In a significant stride towards fortifying food security, the Shoprite Group embarks on an initiative to generously donate thousands of seedlings to the local communities in Lesotho.

This gesture is complemented by the provision of comprehensive training and essential gardening tools, empowering individuals to cultivate their own fruits and vegetables within the comfort of their homes.

From the Corporate Relations & Communications department, Angelique Wagner notes that at the heart of Shoprite’s community-driven endeavours lies the Act for Change programme, a testament to the retailer’s unwavering commitment to combating hunger and ensuring food security.

Since its inception in April 2022, the programme has been instrumental in nurturing food gardens across Lesotho.

Hunger relief and food security are at the core of Shoprite’s Act for Change programme, through which the retailer has supported food gardens in Lesotho – including the St Cecilia Orphanage Home, God’s Love Centre and Action Lesotho – since April 2022.

“Now we’re also addressing food security at household level by giving families the means to grow their food, thereby helping them be more adaptive and resilient to a changing climate,” says Sanjeev Raghubir, Head of Sustainability and CSI at the Shoprite Group.

The Act for Change programme, in alliance with the non-profit organization Food & Trees for Africa, supports an extensive network of over 230 food gardens and 4,000 home gardens, spanning a remarkable area of more than 4.5 million square meters.

This expansive reach has a profound impact, indirectly benefiting approximately 60,000 individuals throughout Southern Africa.

In the past year alone, the Act for Change initiative in Lesotho has achieved remarkable milestones: The distribution of 110,000+ hot meals via the Shoprite Mobile Soup Kitchens.

The generous donation of surplus food and goods valued at over R2 million from Shoprite supermarkets to various beneficiary organizations.

The assurance that children at God’s Love Centre Early Childhood Development Centre receive at least one nutritious meal daily, culminating in over 11,000 meals served.

Shoprite has been actively involved in various corporate social initiatives (CSIs) that focus on community support and development.

In the face of rising youth unemployment, the company has taken a proactive stance with the launch of innovative training programs aimed at equipping the young workforce with vital skills and opening doors to employment opportunities.

This initiative reflects a deep understanding of the challenges faced by unemployed youth and underscores its commitment to fostering a skilled and employable generation.

The company’s efforts extend beyond the marketplace, with a strong focus on enhancing the well-being and safety of the communities it operates in.

By ensuring access to affordable goods and services and creating economic opportunities which continue to improve lives for the better.

These concerted efforts by Shoprite not only address immediate nutritional needs but also lay the groundwork for sustainable living and self-sufficiency, echoing the retailer’s dedication to nurturing communities and fostering a brighter, more resilient future.