By: Koena Mokobocho

On April 17th 2024, gathered at the UN House in Maseru, we mark a momentous occasion: the launch of the Basotho Diaspora Online Platform.

This event signifies a leap forward in strengthening ties between the Government of Lesotho (GoL) and the global Basotho diaspora.

The Basotho Diaspora Association (BDA – registered in 2021) is a bridge between the Basotho Diaspora and key stakeholders that are GoL, international organizations such as the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and investment facilitators in both the public and private sector.

BDA launches this platform to address difficulties faced by local global diaspora.

A feature of the platform that is available to all users is an events calendar. This lets the diaspora know about upcoming events and their significance, whether the goal is social gatherings and camaraderie or the discussion of urgent problems like the delays they face in sending money to Lesotho.

With Basotho Diaspora’s operational parameters ranging within 51 countries in 5 out of the seven continents, the online platform’s launch is significant in joining them all together.

The online platform will go a long way in fostering healthy relationships between Basotho living abroad and the committed government.

Gratitude extends to partners like UNDP, IOM, and local sponsors for their support in realizing this platform, which promises seamless communication and collaboration.

Representing the diaspora, Ms. Matumelo Halieo Lelosa highlights the Basotho Diaspora Association’s pivotal role in fostering dialogue.

“With unity at its core, this platform embodies our commitment to inclusivity and progress. We extend our thanks to partners and affirm our dedication to utilizing this tool for the collective advancement of Basotho worldwide. The Basotho Diaspora Online Platform is officially launched.”

At the inaugural launch of the Basotho diaspora online platform, the Honorable Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Relations, Mr. Lejone Mpotjoana, expresses his gratitude to those in attendance, boasting the most noteworthy achievements in terms of diaspora engagement.

These include the passing of Dual Citizenship by the Parliament, the creation of a Diaspora Policy by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the establishment of a Diaspora Directorate by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the formation of a Basotho Diaspora Association by the Diaspora Community, and—above all—the mainstreaming of Migration and Diaspora issues into the NSDP II for the first time in our nation’s planning history by the Ministry of Finance & Development Planning.