By: Kamohelo Ntsebeng


Easter market expo is an event based on networking for brands and businesses. It brings these together to connect, share and promote their products and services amongst one another. This year the expo will be in May 2024 at the Butha Buthe Pitso Ground.  Butha Buthe, with the primary purpose of identifying different corporate space players that are willing to share, connect and disseminate skills in the business world.

 The expo plans to inspire young and upcoming entrepreneurs who want to venture into corporate, having identified Butha Buthe as the perfect venue owing to its sizeable stake in local economy.

“There are businesses in our area that sell products and services every day, but they are not marketed well enough. We want those businesses to be known hence calling them forth”, she says.

The Easter market expo provides a platform to showcase Basotho made products, discovering new opportunities and for collaboration of sales opportunities. Its best interest is also on engaging start-up businesses such that they too, contribute towards the economic development of the country, thus responding to and curbing unemployment.

Life saver & first aid training managing Director Clifford Tarr commends the Easter market expo for its catalyst role for his brand’s marketing processes amongst Basotho, Tarr says he looks forwards to the expo not only in expectation of sales but rather that of foundational marketing.

This also paves way for makert research such that different brands, like Tarr’s are able to profile and qualify prospects identified. “I do not go to expos with the expectations of making profits but the primary reason I attend the expo is to engage with the people from different companies and make my brand well known,” he says.

The person behind the creation of the expo,’Maneo Mohapi her main motive for the inception of the expo was the need to advertise her products but rather, the final decision was to create an all-inclusive and more united initiative for all businesses within proximity by creating, “something for the benefit all businesses. It will be a huge platform for a variety of businesses to market their products and services, also helping young entrepreneurs to mingle with potential investors.

Customers also get be at an event where competitors for certain products will be brought together thus positively impacting buying power and culture.”