By: Reitumetse Mahloane

Hosting parties for children is a way to celebrate them and their development. “Kiddies events”, as they are popularly known, are wonderful settings where children are brought together to engage in social interactions that promote communication, cooperation and empathy. Above all, it is where the children have fun, eat, and play games together.

On March 30th 2024, Collides Events will host a kiddies’ party: Easter egg hunt festival. It will be held in Central park, Maseru. Collides Events is a sole proprietor business, no partners or any kind of external funding. It was founded in November 2022 by Lieketseng Kiamba, who says her inspiration came from motherhood. She says that as a mother, she always took her children out on such events before the foundation of her own company.

Lieketseng also mentions how hard it was to begin this business, as there were already many of them in this children’s entertainment industry. She says that at first, not many people turned up to the events which Collides events hosted, and that was one of the challenges she faced. However, as time went by, more parents and guardians realized how good of an initiative this is, for them and their children. The children get to participate in fun and mind developing games, while parents get to see their children grow healthily in front of them, physically and mentally.

Moreover, she says that parents like kiddies entertainment because they enjoy watching their children have fun, and that some adults, without children also go to the events to watch those activities for their own amusement. In addition, she says that the presence of the adults is quite helpful as they sometimes give their opinion and advice on the business, sometimes even criticism, which she finds heathy.

In regard to food, the parents prepare something to eat for their own children, especially since these events usually take all day. However, they are offered some sweet treats, like the egg shaped chocolates, which are made specially for the Easter holidays. Besides the free giveaways, she says that there will be game competitions during the festival, and the participants will be rewarded with more goodies.

Furthermore, she proclaimed that since the company is not receiving any kind of funding elsewhere, especially because they only host these children events during holidays and festivals, particularly the summer holidays. She says the funding of the business mainly come from similar events which they host during month ends, when the weather is suitable for the kids. Again they do decors for children’s birthdays, anniversaries and weddings, they also hire out some of their materials, such as jumping castles and trampolines. That is also how they bring in money to the business.

A kiddies event is not only good business, but also a great initiative because it is a way in which children communicate and connect with each other. Also, it helps them to learn a lot about themselves and their interests. Above all, the activities there improve the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of children, hence through play, they learn about the world and develop skills on how to work on their confidence. So hopefully, more parents grasp the importance of such events, and are able to bring their children, and they can begin with Easter Egg Hunt Festival.