By; Kamohelo Ntsebeng


 On March 19th March 2024, Allience insurance hosts a gathering where they were celebrating a win of Matlama Fc also still continues on celebrating its 30year since it came into existence. This gathering is hosted by Khahliso Phakisi at Allience headquarters Maseru, she states that the primary aim for the gathering was to rejoice the winnings of Matlama fc with the teams which are aligned with Allience and to also gift them with new jerseys.

The head of Allience group of marketing and communications , Makeabetsoe Mabaleha says that the Allience group came into existence since the year 1993 and they are therefore humbled to have reached such a milestone of celebrating 30years since it operated. She further explains that it ran a campaign that uis called LEFA LA RONA KE LAHAU, this campaign simply was introduced to help those who are disadvantageous.

Moreover, communication and sponsorship public relations officer, Limakatso Mokobocho states that when they started this campaign they had their best interest on children who are suffering from malnutrition therefore has helped in a way that they donated into the Baylor foundation in those five districts where it is located. She further explains that they have also given the disadvantageous people some donation so as they can eat.

Furtherly, Limakatso declares that there is a school in Mphaki  called Kelebone primary school which then had kids sharing a classroom from Grade 1 to 6 therefore has made a difference in that school by building two classes. She declares that as they celebrated 0years, they invested into Sepheo foundation which is based in Motimposo an amount of  M600 000 of which they paid half last year and the other remaining amount is to be paid this very present year. She states that the main reason that made them want to invest into Sepheo foundation was because of the incredible work it does for the disadvantageous kids as it took in the street kids and provided for them financially and therapeutically.

However, we have seen that Lesotho has so many historical adventurous but lacks resources for tourism therefore Allience helped or played a huge role in such a way that it took part in the making of landmark frames which were made in Thaba Bosiu, Thabana Ntlenyana and others. As Allience, they believe this would be a great exposure and will make people have interest in exploring the country.

Limakatso states that on the very same day 9th, they are proud to be celebrating their four premier leagues namely; Matlama fc, Lioli, Linare and Masheshena fc. She states that they are very proud as alliance to be celebrating its 30th anniversary with these wonderful teams and has therefore decided to gift the teams with half a million also providing new jerseys for this teams.

One of the presidents in the committee of Linare Football club, Themba Sopeng states that they are truly proud of the milestone Allience has reached and therefore shows that as his team is one of the teams sponsored by Allience, he is grateful for the role the group has played in making sure that their teams lack nothing. He declares that he wishes Allience keeps up with the good work and consider helping growing football clubs. He believes that people should engage in Allience products as this will help it to grow more wider and help the ones in need.

Moreover, he vows on saying that top four of the premier league will be taken by one of the Allience premier teams. The president of Matlama fc , Moeketsi Khojane explains that they were disappointed at Bocheletsane and therefore made a vow to themselves that they will take part of the PEOPLE’S CUP and bring the trophy home and this became a promise kept. He continues to make promises that they will bring back the premier league trophy home.

The CFO of Allience, Mohanyane Taole concludes by showing his gratitude to the matlama team for showing its dedication to its sponsers and is therefore proud to have the team as one of the teams sponsored by Allience. He explains that this win shows that Matlama is in the right direction under the right leadership therefore they should on bigger pictures like representing in the the international teams.