By: Reitumetse Mahloane


On March 7th 2024, a press conference was held at Lancers Inn, this is where the Makoti Festival was introduced for the first time in Lesotho. The conference was organized by panelists from Eswatini and Lesotho. Through the Makoti festival, they aim to celebrate women while bringing together different African cultures.

The concept of Makoti first began in Eswatini 2022, with the intention to bring together the African Nations, and has since been referred to one Basotho organization known as “Mokhoenyana”.

The Eswatini group and Mokhoenyana collaborated in an effort to work against Gender Based Violence (GBV). Mokhoenyana member Liteboho Nkuebe, says beyond the initial mandate, this directed joint effort is bound to globalize Basotho artists, considering that they will now perform not only in Lesotho but in other African countries as well.

As can be anticipated, Lesotho will also host Eswatini talent.

Another Mokhoenyana talks about Makoti festival’s programme saying the festival celebration will be held on April 27th 2024, in Eswatini. He says so urging every Mosotho to attend the event in appreciation of how things are done.

Eswatini has been hosting the activation for three years now. Lesotho will only be hosting the event for the first time in October 5th 2024, hence preparations for the October event are being made in Lesotho. As much as the Makoti concept mainly revolves around women, it also comprehends the appreciation of men.

With the Eswatini group, was Thembinkosi Mthethwa, who first and foremost thanked and appreciated the media’s presence at the conference. He says, “it is very important for the media to know about this, as they are the ones who will spread the news about this initiative so that it reaches everyone. The Makoti concept is sufficient enough to change people’s perceptions about life in general.

It aims to give women the power to take charge of their lives, to motivate them to be who they really are, a ‘Makoti’ as the concept suggests. Mthethwa also says, apart from embracing women and working against GBV, this initiative is a chance to commence the likes of cultural exchange, fashion and tourism.

Another Mokhoenyana, who is also one of the organizers of Makoti festival, Mekonko, says it is through this activation that people are given the platform and opportunity to showcase their talents. “such events demand collaborative effort,

It is incredible to see how men are putting so much effort in supporting the women in their communities. African men are standing up for the rights of African women, supporting them against GBV and ensuring their safety.

Through the Makoti concept, we plan to do so much more than just protect women, but to support them with their enterprise initiatives as well. Hopefully this concept is a great success and is kept alive for as long as is necessary.”