Basotho are at it again, as they open a supermarket with the purpose of inflating the livelihood of Basotho and making sure they get great promotions, products, and services within a clean environment. This not only focuses on promotions and product, but also creating jobs for Basotho especially youths. Nthati Moerane had a conversation with Motjope Molise, one of the owners of Delight supermarket, which has less than ten Basotho members, who states that their goal is to compete with standard shops such as shoprite and others with their standard of services to prove that they can offer the best customer service.

In an interview with Finite Magazine Lifestyle Club reporter, Motjope says Delight supermarket is a supermarket that specialises in grocery items and a general merchandise such as school bags, stationery, burners, frying pans and others for the convenience of domestic customers. The supermarket opened business on November 25th 2023. While it consists of less than ten Basotho members as the owners of Delight supermarket, it was established mainly to offer exceptional service and practice good hygiene, also serving affordable prices to clients so that all stakeholders feel delighted about the services, products and the environment.

The supermarket is situated within the DML complex, Khubetsoana, strategically to meet their target market customers half way, and avoid travelling to town only to find long queues. “Also the customers around DML will be at ease as they will not have to travel to find a nice clean supermarket with good products within a friendly environment,” he continues. The target market is the people around Khubetsoana but mainly small businesses in that area to provide very affordable prices as they buy in bulk.

The supermarket has a Deli section, where there is cooked food and bakery which sells readily cooked food breads as well.

Delight ownership members have different skills and collective knowledge about retail. They use that knowledge in different areas of managing the supermarket in order to make it sustainable. So with the promotions, they have Sunny Monday where they give discount on household products. There is also staff price Wednesday, where they give discounts of 40% to 50% from the Deli section. Lastly, there is lucky Friday, where customers buy selected products a low prices.

As for the members of the Finite Lifestyle Club, promotions or discounts are everyday benefits. On every M200.00 spend, there will be a discount offered to all members of the Club.