Mental health is very important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence to adulthood. It affects how we think, feel and act. It also helps determine how stress can be handled. On March 29th 2024, a book launch will be held at Emmanuel Hostel by Thakane Matalasi, the author of her newly published book, Dear Healer.

Matalasi’s book is her life story. Before writing the book, “she was in a dark place, always isolating herself from the world and people around her,” she explains, talking about how her mental health was suffering as she was not okay emotionally and psychologically.

Her social well-being was also affected, which is when she then realized the need for self-introspection and, thus finding a way out of that depression, the solution which presented itself in the form of interest to writing a book.

“Actually, I did not even plan to write a whole book, at first I was only writing down all my feelings in my diary, doing so helped me to start healing and I thought it would be a great idea to turn it into a book and publish it for everyone to read,” she says. She raises a great point that, in some way, we all need to heal as human beings.  

As the book continues to help her, she hopes it will do the same for everyone that realizing any situational challenge in their lives, and “those who are still going through some hardships.”

Matalasi states that her book is all inclusive: men and women, not just for women as many would reckon. This is because people believe that only women go through depression, and they would especially think that way because it has been written by a woman. In regard to that, both men and women are invited to the event to go share their own life stories amongst themselves.

The author says not everyone is open about their trying experiences, and instead of getting help, from a professional for example, they decide to harm themselves more: Others turn to drugs, or worse, commit suicide.

She is convinced that being among similarly vulnerable people can put anyone at ease, especially if they are people who relate to one’s problems. Hence the big platform she is offering on the day of her launch, for people to have the freedom to share their stories.

Matalasi says she chose her venue as Emmanuel Hostel owing to its convenience to everyone. As she knows that not everyone can read, she brought forward plan to translate the book into audio format so that everyone can be able to access the content it is set to deliver. Some people have already bought and read the book, and, “I was able to interview others.

Mamotebang Matela, who bought and read the book says she likes how the book has come out, “it is inspiring and builds a person, and also it is able to make people think about their lives and how they can change them. I am very excited for the launch.”

“This lady worked so hard to write her book and even host a launch, she did all of it without any kind of funding, she used all that she had saved up. I have confidence in her event and the success of her book, her main goal is to help people heal from their mental illnesses, the least she deserves is total support from everyone who can. Hopefully her book changes many lives for the better.”

Signed: Reitumetse Mahloane