By: Kamohelo Ntsebeng


The MSU market is best known for its outstanding credibility of organising youth business events that bring together the culture of supporting the black children local businesses. It provides them platform to sell their products in stalls. This is by way of buying space within the perimeters of the event where one may place their business branding thus acquiring clientele.

The next MSU Market event will be on March 31st 2024. The founder of the MSU market, Palesa Maretlane explained that, their main objective for organising business events is to give the youth a platform to showcase their talents, skills, work and entrepreneurship in fields that may not be traditional to the Lesotho economy.

“I make a lot of profit, the stall prices are really affordable and the logistics to get to the market do not cost much”, the owner of More jewellery Relebohile Moloi said.

She declared that people should expect a wider range of selections and more overall improvements of the brand, as she intends to outsource more pieces for her incoming collection, which she will release in the future. She says she has “put more thoughts and planning into the collections,” so as to give her clients a wider range of selection.

The stalls were brought up to ensure that people do business while socialising with friends and family but, that does not mean one cannot franchise their stalls with a little extra help here and there. Moloi says she is definitely willing to franchise her stall because that will also help grow her business. She also declared that having had a stall first at the Msu Market has eased her into pursuing stall sales event at other social events that allow for such.

Hiring stalls at events has proven to be the best way to market a business as one of the stall owners Molai Matsau, who is the owner of the City Kings clothing brand attests to the fact that it gives brands intentional exposure to the public – this owes to the fact that a lot of people attend events therefore even if they were not aware about the existence of the brand, they are able to find out as they socialise with other people thus increasing sales.

He then said the MSU market also plays a vital role in increasing the brands revenue because through the event businesses are guaranteed that potential clients ‘show up.’

Business owners always have specific location where their customers can easily find them except for selling in stalls but some might be mobile. Matsau is based within the parameters of Victoria hotel, downtown Maseru. He declared that since sharing his specific store location at his stalls when attending events like the Msu Market, he has realized more sales back at his store.

This is because a lot of people are exposed to his brand therefore, he advices entrepreneurs to consider introducing their brands even at social events by booking stalls since they help in boosting the growth of the business.

The MSU market provides stalls (at a fee), for everyone who wants to showcase their businesses. It is evident why stalls owners book stalls at other events too because they know how much hiring stalls with affordable prices can get their businesses up and running. It is a fun way of making profits at events while socialising. As we look forward to attending the next Msu Market activation on March 31st. Book your stall.