By: T’soloane Mohlomi

Expelled former Revolution for Prosperity (RFP) Member and Matlakeng legislator Dr Mahali Phamotse has officially launched her new political party in Maseru yesterday called the United African Transformation party (UAT). The organization is the Lesotho Branch of the original UAT which was registered with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) by South African political novice Sekhunkoane   Mathabatha in Pretoria last year. The party hit the ground running hailing service delivery to be at the apex of its priority.

Dr Phamotse in a letter dated the 3rdof December 2023, which was read out to the public during the conference, responded to a letter she received requesting that she head the Lesotho branch of the party. In this response Dr Phamotse duly accepted the offer and pledged her allegiance to the party.

As read and seen by Informative Newspaper the letter read which bared the heading  “In response to your letter requesting that I be party leader of UAT Lesotho”, reads as follows.

“Greeting leadership I acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 20th November 2023, the content of the letter made a specific request that I be appointed   a member and party leader of United African Transformation Lesotho. After careful consideration and consultation with relevant key persons that are close to my heart notably my family both internal and extended, the people who voted for me from my constituency Matlakeng number 11, as well as the village chiefs, councilors, religious leaders and the general population at large.

“After also having  closed door consultation with you and the UAT leadership at large, having carefully considered the ideology, vision, mission, goals and objectives of the UAT in Lesotho and the diaspora, I hereby notify you that I humbly acknowledge and accept this enormous responsibility bestowed upon  me with open arms, although the task at hand may be challenging with a joint effort and the warmth that the UAT family have embraced me with I see a political party with a potential to bring the much needed change and a lasting solution to the challenges faced by the people of Lesotho.

“The guiding principles of the UAT and implementation mechanisms of the party have engineered me to apply my mind to be part of this wonderful version and progressive movement, I wish that UAT family will accept me and the necessary skills that I bring along to provide a lasting solution to the betterment of every Mosotho and African across the globe. Let’s get it right.

The UAT’s logo depicts a ray of a rising sun which signifies a new dawn, with the white colour standing for peace, dark blue for rain, grey for respect and humility and the red colour symbolizing the lost lives across the globe. The logo also displays a master key on the left which symbolizes the unlocking of all things that Africa and Lesotho needs to benefit from.

The popular slogan for the Lesotho Branch is “Hao Neptjoe” meaning lets us get it right.

The party’s is made up of 13 Interim committee members excluding Dr Phamotse as the leader and they are namely ‘Mapitso Mapetla who is the first member hailing from Mokhotlong constituency number 79, at number two its Bokang Matsipa from Qacha’s Nek constituency number 69, the third member is Mokete Berente from Phamong in Mohale’s Hoek and Sekoboto Sekoboto from Mants’onyane number 72 in Thaba- Tseka.

Other committee members are party’s Deputy leader Mojela Mafike from Stadium Area Number 32, Secretary General is Mr. Teboho Mokhethi, Treasurer – ‘Mat’sepo Rafoneke from Butha-Buthe number 5, Rally chairperson – Tokeng Mathibe from Tsikoane number 14, Deputy Secretary – Refiloe Lephoi from Maama number 45, Party Speaker – Francis Ramoseki, Deputy Rally chairperson – ‘Maphoka Matjea from Sempe number 66 and the Deputy Speaker is ‘Makarabo Nkholise from Mokhethoaneng number 27.

In her maiden speech as party leader Dr. Phamotse said she wanted to announce officially before Basotho that she had accepted the candidacy for the UAT, she urged Basotho to join the UAT as it stood for the noble principle which aimed to combat the social ills like corruption, lack of service delivery, crime, lies, and abuse of abuse of power.

She said her party would serve the greater population through delivering power from the executive straight to the nation. She said her party would stimulate the economy so Basotho can have jobs and that poverty could be eradicated from Lesotho.

“Ladies and gentlemen I accepted the invite to be leader of this party in Lesotho because I studied, listened and carefully analyzed the mission, vision and the firm roots in which the party was constituted under. I also listed to the community of Matlakeng and to the Basotho nation in general. This party as previously mentioned was formed on the basis of humanity service delivery, and the even distribution of wealth to all citizens through legal avenues.

“To respect the constitution of Lesotho and respect all human rights, non -discrimination of the marginalized people in the society, providing equal opportunities to all in all spheres in the country, I would like to assure Basotho that this mission of ours is the one which will guide us going forward to ensure we treat each other with respect and love one another as well as working progressively and together with other nations.

In addition Dr Phamotse said going forward they would constitutionally elect their permanent members and mentioned they would integrate youth within their structures. She promised to be loyal to the people of Matlakeng and the nation in general saying she’s the type of person who likes to see others succeed and to deliver on her promises.