LTEE held a graduation ceremony for learners who undertook their extensive training program on April 26th 20224 at Scripture Union in Maseru. The celebration is a testament to the LTEE’s mission of equipping the church community with the knowledge and skills to constructively minister to others.

The principal Dr Joseph Mpakanyane gave a background of the LTEE, speaking on how the vision for translating the Theological Education by Extension (TEE) books to Sesotho came about.

From the Principal

Theological Education by Extension (TEE) has been a very successful and widely used training programme throughout Africa. It was out of a great concern for Lesotho’s church leaders and lay members that the vision for translating the TEE books into Sesotho came about. It has been a project which has taken quite a number of years and on which many people have worked, both Basotho church leaders and laymen, and missionaries.

This programme has the advantage of being affordable and can be studied at home individually and in small local groups. Seminars are carried out at regular intervals.

It is important to note that the teaching in these books favors no particular denomination and can therefore be used by all who seek to have a greater knowledge and understanding of the Word of God, so they can be used by all churches.

The books represent many hours of prayer, sacrificial monetary offerings and Christians who have used their gifts of translation, editing, proof reading, typing and formatting for God’s glory.

We continue to pray that many Basotho will take the opportunity to enroll in this programme so that they will become those who “correctly handle the word of truth”. 2 Timothy 2: 15

To God be the glory!

  1. Our Vision and Mission Statement

Our Vision: We envision pastors, evangelists, Sunday school teachers, and lay people from all denominations being transformed through studying the Bible with the help of TEE books. They will understand God’s purpose for their lives and realize that every part of the Body of Christ has a purpose and ministry. These people will be equipped with knowledge and skills to effectively minister to others.

Our Mission: To provide theological training for God’s servants who are not able to attend traditional Bible Schools.

TEE Program here in Lesotho:

It began with a missionary named Dick Dunkerton in the 1980s, who began the work of TEE while he was also teaching at the seminary in Morija. He worked closely with me and I took over the work of TEE in the 1990s, when Dick Dunkerton retired. It was then that the LTEE Committee was formed and we secured the rights to translate material into Sesotho Language from a TEE publisher in Kenya known as EVANGEL PUBLISHING HOUSE. TEE books are written in a special way called PROGRAMMED INSTRUCTION. They teach like a teacher telling you things and asking questions, so they are good for TEE study. 

Throughout the 2000s, the committee has continued publishing TEE books in Sesotho, and now, from 2010 with most of the curriculum published, GEM (Global Evangelism Ministries) has begun training pastors and lay leaders in TEE groups. 

How is Lesotho TEE run?

 The main teaching is done through TEE books. This is a curriculum of 22 books, which cover the entire Bible and several topics relevant to pastoral ministry. 

The LTEE Programme covers the following Topics:

  • Discipleship Course
  • Course on being a pastor
  • Course on pray
  • Basic Bible Theology
  • Detailed study on the 4 gospels
  • Practical application of Christianity to daily life
  • Survey of the New Testament books
  • Detailed study of the Epistles of Paul to the Romans
  • Course on evangelism
  • Detailed study of the general Epistles
  • Survey of the Old Testament books
  • Detailed study of the Acts of the Apostles
  • Detailed study of the book of Genesis
  • Couse on how to preach

All of the books are written in Sesotho and LTEE students study them on their own time, in their own homes, as they continue with their ministries. 

While TEE is designed for pastors and church leaders, it is also opened to any believer who is interested in furthering their biblical understanding. This is why we desire all TEE students to find a ministry outlet, not only to accumulate knowledge (1 Cor. 8:1 – “KNOWLEDGE ALONE PUFFS UP, BUT LOVE BUILDS UP”) 

All finances for the TEE program come from the students. 

All TEE groups are interdenominational (curriculum teaches basic Bible doctrine). All TEE training has a discipleship focus (2 Tim 2:2). 

All TEE graduates receive a certificate of completion from GEM (not accredited diploma).

Future of Lesotho TEE:

We are all very pleased by how the Lord has been using TEE over the past few years and we are even more excited about where we believe God is leading us for the future. We as the TEE committee are actively planning to form new TEE groups around Lesotho. Our aim is form LTEE groups in all 10 districts of Lesotho in the year 2025. All glory is to God, up to now we have established 9 groups in 8 districts. As from 2016 till today we have held 3 LTEE graduations consisting of 60 graduates in total. 

Our desire is to see the TEE program become more accessible to pastors around the country. 

TEE Needs In order to accomplish this vision:

We have several specific needs for personnel. Our first need is for someone who could do clerical work fulltime in the office.

More volunteers who could serve as LTEE Committee members and facilitators in entire LTEE curriculum. 

We are trusting God for the funding of this God-breathed programme. Children of God may do so by sponsoring a student for a period of 2 to 5 years and or financial assistance to a staff member. If anybody feels prompted by the Holy Spirit to make a contribution towards this initiative he/she may contact:

GEM office – Cell No. 62114156 (whatsApp)/53763347 or 59928845. Email