FINITE Lifestyle Club is a loyalty programme that offers members exclusive access to family and lifestyle benefits such as access to free empowerment sessions, birthday gifts, discount at partners’ outlets, discounted tickets to FINITE Magazine events and free family funeral cover to the value of M250 000.00 which is underwritten by Liberty Life Lesotho. The core objective is to empower members, build communities and invest in maintained network groups within members and prospects. The club also offers and facilitates promotion of Basotho rendered products and services, such as Phela Mines products and The Vibe Nail Bar services who were featured in this year’s FWAA as sponsors.

During this year’s Annual FINITE Magazine Women Appreciation Awards, both members and partners representatives were among the attendees in celebrating phenomenal women who were nominated in different categories grounded on this year’s International Women’s day, Digital: Innovation and technology for gender equality.

Since it was not his first time attending FWAA, Mr. Kaibe Mokoma mentioned how he always looks forward to this event because it does not only recognize and empower winners but also inspires others to thrive harder in their individual daily activities. Mr. Masoabi Pitsa a member, was one of the award givers under Safety and Security category, this is a clear indication of how committed the club is to its members and the extended it is willing to undergo for its collaborative efforts for its club members.

 During the event FINITE SACCOS (Savings And Credit Cooperatives Society Ltd) was introduction as it is FINITE Magazine’s vision to positively impact on members’ lives. FINITE SACCOS Ltd is a cooperative founded by club members with the aim to save and provide loans to members at lowest rates. One share is equals to M1000.00 and members are only allowed to buy one firth of the total share capital of the cooperative and thereafter save at least M50.00 monthly.