During the glitter and glam ceremony of the Finite magazine Women’s Appreciation Awards 2023 (FWAA), one of last year’s winners in the Fashion and Beauty category, Matšepo Mpapa, the owner of Alter Ego Hair and Beauty Studio, was given the opportunity to give a business testimony after the awards.

Like any other person looking for experience and employment, Mpapa disclosed that she began working as a hairstylist in a local salon for six months. In 2012, she made the decision to open her own salon and realized her dream of working in the beauty industry after getting more knowledge and perspective about the beauty industry.

The businesswoman shared with the audience her inspiring business journey and urged them to keep doing what they are already doing so well, which has helped them gain recognition, but also to work even harder, as this is a true reflection of their dedication and hard work. In addition, the beauty therapist indicated that after winning the FWAA22, her business expanded, she attracted more clients and even moved to a larger location, which costs twice as much as her first rented office space. “There is no doubt that receiving the award helped my business grow, I gaining favorable publicity which lured more clientele”.

She explains with emotion, “I have been recognized for my work in the beauty sector because of each and every one of my clients, both past and current, and their triumphs! I sincerely appreciate it because without my clients, our work, and the experience I have gained from working with them over the years I would not have been able to win this award.

“I acquired new clients because of my hard work starting in September, following the awards. The best thing that has ever occurred to me in the business world and the beauty industry has been amazing and makes me emotional to this day. It’s fantastic to be acknowledged in public for something you have accomplished, especially when you take a chance like I did. Now that people have heard my story and seen my business, they think it’s encouraging,” she continues.

A one-stop shop for beauty is Alter Ego Hair and Beauty Salon, which is located at Sea Point next to Mabatho Clinic. It specializes in manicures, makeup, lashes, wig installation, and microblading. She offered manicures to BAM Group employees during FWAA23, and her service is superb. Her company’s mission statement is to be the best beauty salon in town that aims to improve women’s self-esteem.