As Lesotho Born High End Fashion Designer Dresses the Twins for FWAA 2023

 By Jennah Chaltin

In the realm of fashion, there are a few remarkable individuals who captivate us with their unparalleled creativity, dedication, and relentless pursuit of excellence. One such inspiring figure is Ts’oanelo Jae-Fuma a local luxury designer of Miss Jay Couture who recently made waves by sponsoring the founders of a prestigious award show, that celebrates women in different industries. This article delves into her incredible journey, shedding light on her hard work and unwavering passion for fashion design. 

“Fashion has always fascinated me since I was a young girl. I remember being captivated by the vibrant colors, unique patterns, and exquisite craftsmanship of garments. I could spend hours observing people’s outfits and admiring how their style reflected their personality. As I grew older, I realized that fashion is a form of self-expression and a way to communicate one’s individuality to the world. The ability to create art through clothing, to transform fabric into something beautiful and meaningful, is what truly sparked my interest in fashion design. It allows me to blend my love for art and design with my passion for storytelling, allowing me to create unique and memorable pieces that bring joy and confidence to those who wear them,” says Jae-Fuma.

It was this resilience and talent that caught the attention of the Twins leading to her sponsorship of Ts’epang and Nts’epeng’s dresses for this year’s FWAA.

The Twins are co-founders of Finite Magazine, Finite Women Empowerment TV Show and Finite Women Appreciation Awards (FWAA) under the brand umbrella of The Bam Group Foundation. BAM Group Foundation, which was appointed by BEDCO as an incubator for SMMEs.

“We have been working closely with them as our mentors, coaches and business development service providers. It was easy to approach them because we already have a working relationship. We volunteered to sponsor them because their event is a good platform where different women who are our target market come together. That is a platform we needed to showcase our work. We are happy to say that has already improved our business.”

The socials did not disappoint as they commended the art of work by Miss Jay Couture seeing how the Twins killed the awards red carpet look. Tagging along Ts’oanelo, Tsholo Motsie was not shy to write on her wall “The red carpet is officially closed for 2023. The twins killed it, ate & left no crumbs.”