The Winter Arts, Fashion, and Beauty Expo took place at Happy Villa 5C in Maseru on June 3rd from 10 am to 5 pm. The event aimed to showcase art and fashion in Lesotho. The host for the day was Tlotliso Koenene, also known as Stlonzo. The event was organized by Godfrey and Lord, and it brought together artists to share their experiences and talents, as well as mingle with each other to share creative ideas.

The main goal of the expo was to promote independence in artists from different regions in Lesotho and help them find sponsorship. Many talented artists participated in the event, including Posta (known as Thulo Mpho), Nay Eltheartboy, Zach, Motake, Stakii, and Lesole Lesole, who draw inspiration from Uncle Donze and Budah (both pencil artists). Unfortunately, Budah couldn’t attend due to another commitment, but his artwork was displayed to represent him.

In addition to the art display, models from MCT Entertainment took part in the expo to assist fashion designers in launching their brands. The featured fashion designers were Francina, a modern designer, Philicase, a young lady specializing in African print designs, and Lekhooa, another designer. The presence of Mlex Mpasi added to the hype of the event, as she empowers the emerging artists.

To conclude the ceremony, a young lady from Montech delivered a motivational speech, encouraging everyone to pursue their chosen career paths, regardless of their matriculation results.

Overall, the Winter Art, Fashion, and Beauty Expo successfully provided a platform for artists to showcase their talent, foster connections, and support the growth of the creative industry in Lesotho.