Machabeng College, International School of Lesotho held its 16th Chinese bridge competition- 2023 preliminary contest at the school’s theater provided a platform for students to perform and showcase all the knowledge and skills which they acquired during their Chinese language and culture classes.

The Chinese bridge competition’s objective is to increase the dissemination of Mandarin Chinese, awakening the interest for teaching the language worldwide among students as well as consolidating the knowledge of Chinese language and culture.  Since the foundation of the Chinese bridge competition in 2008 and its arrival in Lesotho, the Headmaster of Machabeng College, James Kamau indicated that the school is proud to say it has been prosperous it its attempt.  Giving details of the competition, Mr. Kamau said the theme of the competition was “ fly high with the Chinese“ and the purpose was to celebrate the Chinese bridge and to promote Chinese culture not only in Lesotho but worldwide. “There were supposed to be ten schools from the ten districts of Lesotho present , however other schools did not make it as intended hence only ten participants today are from Machabeng”. Learning a new language is opening a door to endless opportunities and another world.” Said Mr. Kamau

In his speech the minister of education and training professor Ntoi Rapapa first began by paying his respect to all present, then continued by saying we should question ourselves as Basotho about what would have happened if we did not have China as allies. They have contributed so much to the infrastructure and economy of the country. They are involved in the building of the new Queen II Hospital, the solar power project innovation, Sehlaba Thebe National park and Textile Industrial factories in the country. “Something strange transpired in these past few days, the embassy of china has requested the ministry to provide a list of students who may participate for two weeks in china to learn the Chinese langue.” Minister Rapapa alleged. He said it is beneficial for everyone to learn Chinese, he also advised parents to always support their children in anything and everything the part take in.  He concluded by wishing all participants the best of luck.

The completion was divided into  two stages, the first one being how well one could speak and read Chinese, the second be them showcasing their talent through different categories namely; paper cutting, drunk butterflies, singing, dancing moon, handwriting, martial arts, drawing bamboo and panda, dancing Xiao, Chinese dance and plum bossom. And a student performed one each. The overall winner Thatohatsi Moji expressed her joy and pride in winning the competition. She further passed her gratitude to her parents, saying she owes all her win to her them and her teachers, for they have been very supportive. “I would advise everyone to learn Chinese or any other additional language, for it might come in handy in the future. There is nothing impossible if you believe, that is the lesson I learned from this competition”, said Thatohatsi.