By: ‘Muso Nkhasi

A partnership of three people, two males and a female, saw a gap in the cleaning industry and started an eco-friendly business Motsoake cleaning Atlantic.

Let’s begin by explaining the term “Eco-friendly”, it refers to products which contain natural components that are less corrosive and do not cause any harm to the habitat. They are safe for the environment when used or disposed.

The team recently partnered with Finite magazine to broaden up their scale and acquire more clientele through the multiple mediums of the Bam group of companies’ publications. Which they can deem a must as soon as they acquire the “partnership” title.  Finite partners get free advertising space in all Bam Group publications. Another benefit they get from partnering with Finite magazine is unlimited access to Finite Lifestyle club members which they can poach/ approach as potential clients.

Motsoake cleaning Atlantic has in it numbers of different cleaning services that can be delivered in a day hence there are employees to scatter out to do different tasks.

House spring cleaning, move in-move out clean up, laundry, carpet cleaning, couches, mattress, post construction clean up, garden cleaning and maintenance, office cleaning, school cleaning, car interior cleaning, medical practices and hospital cleaning and waste management and recycling at Ha-Nelese.

The company invests in agriculture and conservation of soil, it provides waste management and recycling, where the most focus is in constructing trenches and home gardens (mantloane) collected at a fee.

The company envisions owning a huge recycling company where Basotho will sell their collections.

Regarding laundry, Motsoake cleaning Atlantic is aware of its competitors and tries accommodative in its prices to its customers and maintains open communication and regular updates of the progress with its clients.   

Women are temporarily hired during the holidays to accommodate the influx of work coming in during those times.

The services are offered around Maseru. For clients in different districts a transport fee is charged to the clients.

In the future company hopes to offer agent services for maids, it job hunts for an employer given the specification of an employee wanted.

Finite Lifestyle club offers multiple benefits to its members, these includes; a free family funeral cover of up to M250 000 cash. Funeral cover differs according to the monthly subscription which one chooses, they range from M100 to M220. The moaning family is offered airtime a funeral notice in the Informative Newspaper.

A member also get exposure to Finite magazine content freely, discounted tickets of Finite magazine events, discounts at business partners outlets, exclusive invitation to Finite magazine empowerment sessions and a free and discounted vouchers and coupons of all sorts.

Finite magazine is sponsored by Bam Group Foundation, which is a non-profit organization that appreciates and empower youth and women entrepreneurs.