BY: Refiloe Mohloki

Turn-key Construction and Consultants is a legally registered construction company which offers all the services a person may need from a construction company. It was initiated in 2020 in Mafeteng but now based in Maseru.

Nthaha Mohapinyane, the founder says the company started after they realised that people are not satisfied with the bad services they get from incompetent construction companies.  So he wanted to close that gap and be different from the rest, fulfil his promises and deliver good services to the clients.

Turn-key Construction and Consultants offers services like drawing house plans, construction works, and variety of roofing options, maintenance and renovations, plumbing and electrical works, quotations and any other construction service.

Apart from that, in fighting the high rate of unemployment Turn-key Construction and Consultants has specialists and five other permanent employees. During peak seasons it brings on board casual workers. “We offer all construction services, have five permanent employees and others who are specialists in their respective fields on a list of services we offer. We also hire other people for part time jobs when we are swamped with work or working on huge projects.”

Since 2020 when the company was initiated they have worked on two or more projects with the banks and have other ongoing projects. “Since we started the company we have worked on two or more projects from the banks and we are still working on other new projects.”

The Lerotholi Polytechnic graduate says being a member of the Finite Lifestyle Club gives one a chance to get discounts from stores that have partnered with the Finite Lifestyle Club. “Being a member of the Finite Lifestyle Club enables a person to enjoy the benefits of getting a free copy of the Finite magazine, a funeral cover for your loved ones and also get varied discounts at all shops which are partnered with the Finite Lifestyle Club.”

Nthaha indicated that, Turn-key Construction and Consultants offers all necessary services needed for a house to be deemed complete; from drawing house plans to when the building processes are done, “as our name indicates “Turn-key Construction and Consultants”, we do all the work we need to do from drawing house plans to having a complete building and we give the client a key as the house will have been done. “

The founder of Turn-key Construction and Consultants says they also take consultations “we say we do everything because even if a client approaches us for a second opinion because they do not fully trust the contractor working for them or maybe they just want to make sure everything goes well, we still offer the service.”

As for Finite Lifestyle Club Members Turn Key Construction and Consultants offers varied discounts on different services.

He concluded that their work starts from 07:00am to 05:00pm except for days when they have a lot of work which they need to carry out after normal working hours, “our working hours start from 07:00am to 05:00pm, even though we sometimes work overtime if we have a lot of work of which we are able to do even after hours and for more information one can contact us on +266 570 932 08 or +266 639 232 27, on their Facebook page at Turn-key Construction and Consultants or on their email at”