With unemployment high in the kingdom and likely to get worse more and more people keep losing their jobs. Mpho Ntebele thought of opening her own cocktail mobile bar just after she lost her job as a bar tender. She could have leaned back and joined the queue, but she rose above it and dusted herself by establishing Wizzy mobile bar- a business she started from scratch with the little she had. Now she has elevated to being called at events including weddings, birthdays and more. Her business offers a variety of cocktails meaning the cold weather does not hinder her, as she her business is mobile, no movement barriers

The major challenge the business encounters is that the competition is currently too high and now has to find a way of standing out from competitors. Whereas when she started there was only few cocktails businesses. She mentioned that another challenge she came across when starting was being called out urgently to events without much practice and not having enough material to use but was fortunately able to find a way around it and deliver the best service, thus building good and loyal customers’ relationships.

 Wizzy mobile bar was established in 2022. The business reaches out and engages with clients by marketing and through social media. She mentioned an advantage to her business is that the products she uses are not perishable meaning she can keep and utilize at a later stage.