This is a multi-operational business that works with apparel, paper and clothing printing, designing and more. It is a family company which was established in 2017. The co-founder, Mabatho Raliopane said her love for fashion and apparel combined with the skills of her brother- The founder, Thabiso Raliopane who is a graphic designer brought up the motivation to venture into a business of this nature. The business started with a printer, but grew leading to them owning their shop. The challenges of the business involve the struggle to finding clients.  The business concept came up with Raliopane because he was previously working in one of the printing companies in the country which at some stage closed down. So, with the skills and experience he had acquired in his previous employment he figured he could venture in something similar but this time on his own.

The business grew to owning a shop and got its breakthrough after they got an investor who injected some capital in the business. The shop is located near oxford building and also active on social media platforms.