A healthy way of living does not necessarily have to be about eating healthy and watching one’s diet.  Mrs. Maleseli Moromelle from Hygiene Haven lets us into her world. The business was founded in 2019, the business entails cleaning for both companies and households. She said cleaning comes naturally to her as she loves to be in a clean environment, so she does it effortlessly.  The business has multiple branches which focus on providing other services and products. The other branch produces and sells health and body products made from organic materials, namely ‘bath salts, bathing milks, perfumes and scrub. She expressed that she has always had interest in skin care products from a very young age because her mother also owned a similar business, so she grew up obsessed with smelling and looking good. Her reasons for venturing in such a business is because she would like to play a part in boosting other women’s confidence .She would like to help women take good care of themselves. Nowadays taking care of oneself is important, so one is able to take care of others around them

She indicated that raising the funds to establish her business was not smooth sailing so she partnered with her husband who injected money into the business. She mentioned that one other challenge was marketing and securing customers. When the business started they relied on flyers for marketing but as they progressed they ventured in other social media platforms like Facebook which proved to be more efficient and effective. When asked about advising someone who is out there with no job and wants to start a business, she said they need to just dive in it and do whatever they yearn for, to reach their dreams. They should know that the sky is the limit. Lastly she thanked FNB for the platform given to them to showcase their businesses.