Most people, if not all, want to come home to a warm, relaxed and peaceful space. With that arose an opportunity for business. Twinkly Senses is a home fragrance shop silling hand poured scented soy candles and reed diffusers. It is fairly new – established in January this year (2023) by ‘Nyalleng Macheli, after winning the BPC competition by BEDCO.

“I liked it when a space smells good, so I first started doing it for my home and my friends. Then later decided I could make a business out of it, said Macheli.

Besides being a great as a gift, candles and diffusers create ambiance – which is the mood of a place or setting. They also brighten up the home decor, they add fragrance by using ingredients like lavender and essential oils to their product to boost one’s mood and relieves stress.  Nyalleng buys stock from South Africa, her business is in Botha Bothe while her clientele is based in Maseru. Through it all, she tries to find ways to mitigate the challenges to make products available at all times for her clients.