Mamokhali Shale is the founder of Cotton Cravings, which was established in 2018. The business sells cotton candy. The business started very small with them going to kid’s events and parties. But as the business grew, they got invited to bigger events and started going to schools too. As business bloomed, she acquired three more machines enabling her to cater for an even larger clientele. Mamokhali expressed that she drew inspiration for venturing into such a business from her family, her family is very business orientated.

She said her mother was into kid’s entertainment and also owned a daycare, so she has always been a person who naturally diverted to or was closer to kids. Mamokhali vividly remembers her first event, she had hired a cotton candy machine at Maseru mall and the event was held in American school premises. “To date most people do not know what cotton candy is, even today I still get questions like, what is this? And I respond by saying its cotton candy and its edible”, stated Shale. When asked what her advice would be to someone out there with dreams of starting a business but is afraid of failure, Mokhali said “failing is part of the learning process, you fail and you try again, that’s how you learn from your mistakes and strive to do better. So take the leap of faith and keep trying until you find something that works for you, also try doing something unique in the market, something that sets you apart from others”.