Among other businesses which stood out was Tumi’s Accessories. This is an arts and crafts business founded by Thembeka Magaga Mokhalinyane in 2022. The business was inspired and established for her daughter named Reitumetse who is now seven. She said one of the reasons she came up with the business was that she is a creative and would also want her daughter to be one, though it should be more of a hobby than a career so that she has something to lean back on when life gets hard. Again the motive is to equip her with entrepreneurial skills from a young age so that she grows up knowing the ins and outs of business. “She helps me pick the fabrics and other material we use to make jewelry so that the taste is not just mine but hers as well.” She also explained that every accessory they make is unique and hand-made. Among them are earrings, headbands, scrunches and more, things that her daughter can equally take part in and utilize on a daily, that way they become a part of her. She declared what inspired her to venture into accessories was having a daughter and would want to apply cute thing to her.

 “I do not know what she will decide to do with the business in the future but I want to teach her that you always have to have something to back you up.” She said the biggest challenge is that she is not focused on the business alone and feels like she is not giving it the necessary attention it deserves since she has a career of her own and is a mother and a wife as well.  However, what help her find a balance is the effort they put in reach out to more customers, the loyal customers they already have who support them as well as the event. Another challenge the business faces is that of the raw material she uses, the materials are not accessible in the country which leaves her with no option but to travel to South Africa to get them.

The business stands out from competitors because of the unique fabrics and products they make. “I can make anything out of everything. I use fabrics which one would not think work and I challenge myself to figure out which one works with what.” She advised people who have been thinking of venturing into any kind of business but have cold feet to just start even with the little they have because that is all takes. She believes mastering the courage to start her business the previous year was the best decision she ever took, considering how speedy it has progressed since its launch to date.