Reinforcing entrepreneurship learning among young people

“My business is in the news, where is Informative Newspaper?” Oh yes you probably are somewhere thinking what the turnaround is about. The answer is: our content is and has always been about the big words – ENTREPRENEURSHIP, BUSINESS, WOMEN, YOUTH AND COMMUNITY BUILDING!

It is about time the young people of our country took responsibility of their future by stepping ahead of their game. Gone is the time when businesses were founded based on hobbies and common interests. Young people are crying the loudest that they are unemployed therefore the new government has done nothing for their communities in the past 100 days. 

Question is, what positive significant change have done for yourself lately?

This issue of Informative Newspaper, Young PEOPLE is aimed at reinforcing entrepreneurship learning among youth. We look at various township business owners who they are, what they do are also what they offer.  Yes your business may have made it this far or maybe it’s the best, sales maybe are high but oh boy there are several others hungry for the same clients as you and they are rolling their sleeves to get them no matter what!

We also ask – what action are you taking because worldwide young socially responsible entrepreneurs are demanded to fight youth unemployment while giving back to their very own communities. Are you the one? If not, read this issue and take serious action.  

It is my hope that after reading, potential is unleashed in you. To all the young people getting ready for the big world, I believe the articles do empower you to learn the dynamics of the entrepreneurial mindset so much you can tackle challenges head on to grow your business more!

This section is for a young boy who lost hope, a young girl looking for survival money, a student at high school in need of pocket money, tertiary, internship or attachment, home studying, wherever you maybe. Whether you are an unemployed graduate, or being challenged by business, or aspiring to be an entrepreneur, or struggling with a side hustle or job hunting, this is your place.

To the young people reading this paper now, you are special and enough! To the rest of the people, support young people and their initiatives to live, it could be their ideas, their side hustle even their business, it’s all they need to stay alive.