Nyaizen Carwash & Snack Bar was named after the Nyai Brothers which one of them is Moeketsi Nyai. The Nyaizen Carwash started operating on the 19th December 2021, it is still running smoothly and it is located at Qoaling opposite Ha ‘Mampho, in Maseru district Lesotho. The reviews about this place show that it is for sure a place of entertainment and really good vibes, this place serves kind hospitality, good music, nice food, best atmosphere, safe environment and above all, happy people. It is also the best place to hangout while your car gets top class washing.

Moeketsi Nyai said that this business started just as a small carwash which would wash only about two to three cars per day, there were no food, drinks, music and shelter at all. “We started this business because we realized that Qoaling has had a bad name from the past years, therefore having a classy carwash and snack bar around this neighbourhood would help change that a lot. It will also help people from Qoaling in many different ways including recruiting the youth who did not have a chance to go to school and helping them acquire some skills such as being creative as well as being innovative,” he said. The aim of this business is to change the whole neighbourhood, Qoaling was not a place where a person could actually leave their car at carwash or even get snacks and music from the same carwash and that has now changed. The business was also aiming to build togetherness among Qoaling residents and to teach people from neighbouring villages that Qoaling is a place where normal people live, not animals or rather criminals as it is popularly being referred.

We can now see people going to Nyaizen Carwash & Snack Bar based at Qoaling to have fun and having the best times of their lives. This place is now known for hosting local and international music celebrity events. They have hosted local Djs like Zero, Prime, Eezy, Khoabza and many others including the artist Knight SA and the radio presenter Skuzabel from Lesedi FM South Africa. During these events, it gets so busy to the point whereby they even have to extend the place with their most beautiful stretch tents in order to accommodate at least more than 500 people per event.

They even hire professional photographers from different parts of Lesotho to capture some good pictures and videos of the events as a way of advertising their business as well as keeping good memories.They don’t charge people who wants to have their own celebrations but they can only pay a photographer. Their target market is any individual above the age of 18, they have speed point machines for those who do not like carrying cash with them and the nicest part is that people are allowed to bring their own drinks if they don’t want to buy inside. Their meals range from M20-M35 and one is given a choice to choose the amount of money they want to pay to their grilled meat. They also have Sunday sessions  whereby they offer glasses of wine ranging from M10-M15. Quarts are also available in the store unlike many other snack bars.

Moeketsi said that they are planning to make their business grow into one of the latest entertainment businesses whereby people will celebrate their weddings, birthday parties and their success parties. He also stated that they want to become an inspiration to the youth of Lesotho and that all it takes for one to turn their dreams into reality is dedication, hard work, being open minded as well as having good interactive skills.

One of the Nyai brothers said Nyaizen carwash & snack Bar is growing rapidly compared to how it was when it first began operating and that is a positive change.  “we have not had any sponsors for events at our business. The only thing we do is to work together with other entertainment companies like Shelly Brown,” He stated. He said they are sacrificing their own personal budgets in order to see their business grow even further and that they are doing everything in their power to make their dream come true and from what he has seen so far, it is indeed worth it.