By : Kekeletso Mochesane

Looking for a fantastic place to spend some quality time with your loved ones? Well, look no further the Butcher restaurant is obviously a phenomenal choice where family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances can dine! One cannot go wrong with this place.

The venue and restaurant is based at Khubetsoana Selakhapane; previously Leseli community school. The place has a relaxed, casual vibe with an unbeatable restaurant atmosphere. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, also offers venue to host various social activities be parties, musical, comedy shows, picnics or baby showers.

From eccentric setting, tasty food and bar services, this restaurant satisfies every craving with mouthwatering gourmet. So why waste money or obsess over some ordinary fast food when appetizing meals are awaiting for just a loti more? Try their grilled steak, fries or bacon and cheese burger known for its smoky flavor. All of these paired with a flavorsome cocktails, cider, wine or you choice of soda.

Make time for the Butcher restaurant and experience the unique scenery;    walking through a long paved path to a nice vintage wooden doors and classically decorated surroundings, plus the quick warm service by friendly staff given as you join the party.

The Butcher restaurant caters for people of different lifestyles, personalities, professions and mostly adults from the age of 18, however it is family friendly and advises minors to be accompanied by parents.