Big Gee Chillas is an entertainment and refreshment business located at lower Thamae, Maseru. It was launched last year December with the aim of making a club but soon after, the owner discovered to turn it into something more than a club.

Though it is a club, Mr. Teboho Rakhomo, the founder of Big Gee Chillas mentioned it to be an entertainment and refreshment club because it offers variety of events such as movie nights, career guidance and fundraising. These series of events happen at different times after we have analyzed trends for events occurring countrywide. Their aim is to host unique trending events.

With back to school events on the rise, their club hosts young people with the aim of creating awareness on the importance of schools and education. The club does not only cater for youth but older people. They do host back to 80s events in appreciation of their longstanding service to the community.

The owner said competition is notable as the village of Ha-Thamae has many clubs, some of which copied his strategy and this makes him big competitor.  However he is not worried since so many innovative offerings are planned.

He aims for his business to be positive lifestyle changer for Ha–Thamae community with younger people taking more responsibility in their behaviors when parting and drinking alcohol. It worries him that their lives are at risk hence his club focuses on offering career guidance activities, where professionals are hired to empower youth on personal development.

Top of his business priorities is a fundraising activity which he wants to hosts to support underprivileged children. Above all he aspires to host corporate events whereby business owners could network.  Such events are sure to benefit not only entrepreneurs but many people including him.

On a lighter part he still wishes to host popular clubbing and parting events, with line-up of Dj’s and comedians alike to help guests distress while motivational speakers will be there to boost people’s morale.

He concluded that his aim is not to own a club only but to have a place which helps people at all aspects of live. He said he enjoys to see people attending clubs not to drink as such but to socialize and gain some valuable experiences.