BY : ‘Mamohaila Rampo


Some people find it easy to fall in love, others not so much. And for those people who often finds themselves wondering, “Why is it so hard to find love?” then they may take comfort at ‘Maletsunyane Café.

Maletsunyane Café goes an extra mile to revive old and establish new relationships. The Café owner Molemo Taolane explained that their main priorities is to help people find love. They claims to mend relationships that are on the verge of breaking and also help those who are seeking for love. Taolane believes that he was born with a special gift to reunite people and also help pick perfect partners.

According Glee Dating website, human beings can thrive off of social interaction, with loved once where they will may experience an inherent need for strong bonds also the type of love an individual craves can determine the course of their entire life.

The Taolane who is known as Mr. Alarms and Cameras from a security company said he chose to go into this business venture because he realized that the demand for love is higher than that of money.

To promote his business, Taolane said intends to invite all the companies that he is already working with, at Mr. Alarms and Cameras where those companies will sponsor events and get free advertisements. However, Taolane explained that they are yet to expand on the structure and add few more dishes to their already existing menu.

Also, Molemo helps those who desire families so that they experience the joys of parenthood and marriage. Glee Dating explains that individuals who enjoy meeting others might pursue a lifestyle that allows them to make many friends from different cultures. They might have various relationships and experiences expanding their understanding of humanity also those who aim to find romance might satisfy their physical needs through other connection or enjoy passion and intimacy with another individual.