By: Nothembabane Qechane


On April 20th 2024 the Haemophilia Association of Lesotho (HAL) will hold a haemophilia marathon at Sethaleng sa Mopapa Maseru. Haemophilia Marathon is a marathon that commemorate the haemophilia day on 17 April.

It is celebrated to create awareness about people living with haemophilia. When wounded, either by way of injury or cut, haemophilia patients bleed but their blood does not clot. They bleed continuously.

The objective is to ensure treatment of up to 90% of Lesotho based haemophilia patients. The haemophilia marathon is a campaign and awareness initiative for people with haemophilia.

“Haemophilia is a bleeding disorder wherein blood is characterized by a deficiency of clotting factors. These are factor 7, 8, and factor 9” says Mofota Makoae, Public Relations Manager for the Haemophilia Association of Lesotho.

HAL chose the form of a marathon to commemorate the illness for favour of its healthy nature, as a sport. Makoae says, “It is easy to do.  Everyone can be accommodated and we want it to be for everyone. It is a 21km, 10km, and 5km walk.

“The main expectation is for the association to from strength to strength, this year onwards. Makoae continues to say,

“We realised that if create make awareness through this marathon, it helps relevant affiliates embrace the importance of exercise. Now, most people wake up and jog every morning. We know running is very healthy.

The marathon will help gather people for the purpose of sharing knowledge about the condition so as to understand it. This way HAL will be able to help this community to identify like patients and, be safe guarded while ensuring that they are able to get treatment and care from local hospitals and caregivers, as “ they are already providing them but people are not aware of it.”

Teboho Sello a coach at the haemophilia marathon, says they are ready for the upcoming marathon event, working hard to make all his athletes successful on the day. The race is open to everyone inclusive of elite runners.