On April 5th 2024, Lesotho Durham Link hosts the Lesotho National Olympics Committee (LNOC) in collaboration with the Lesotho Swimming Association (LSA) in Maseru.

This is where LNOC hands over two boats to LSA as a way of making open water swimming possible for swimmers based in Maseru. The primary purpose for this gathering is to celebrate the gifting and to also test ride the boats. It is an initiative of LNOC’s six (6) months project on improvement of infrastructure in Sports.

Open water swimming is a swimming discipline that takes place in outdoor bodies of water such as open lakes and rivers. With a number of rivers, lakes and dams in the country, LNOC saw it fit to provide LSA with boats as to enhance the open water swimming in the country.

The executive chief director of LNOC Morake Raleaka says LNOC prioritizes the annual improvement of sports in the country. This is to provide a reliable platform to pursue an array of sporting activities. LNOC as part of its annual mandate adds on to confluence for sporting communities’ growth.  

President of LSA Ts’episo Baholo shows gratitude to LNOC saying,

“This is a very good gesture to the community because it will give kids a chance to showcase their swimming talents. It is a norm for Basotho kids to swim in rivers, this will give them a chance to enhance and put their swimming skills to good use.”

Baholo reiterates her hope for LNOC to keep up the good work and take part in improving other sporting activities where they see fit.

The President of Lesotho Sports and Recreational Commission (LSRC) Mots’eremeli states that,