Women empowerment is the key to having strong societies and embracing being a woman in such societies. A non-profit organization based in Lesotho named GUHA Lesotho presents the 1st annual empowerment event, which will be hosted at St. Marys in Mohale’s Hoek from.

The purpose of this event is to empower women by way of discussing sensitive issues around the social economy of womanhood in a developing country. Apart from the emphasized importance of being a woman, these are issues such as parenting, mental health, inheritance and property rights, financial empowerment, leadership and decision making.

According to Mots’elisi Moneri, founder and chair person of the organization, the event will empower women with knowledge in order for them to be able to change the livelihoods of their families. Mostly, the organization directs focus on the development of single parent households – specifically children raised by single parents, more so considering the common nature of the phenomenon in today’s life.

It also focuses on empowering single parents by way of providing guidance on how to love and support their children and to maintain awareness for the needs of such children.  Also the event will be the channel for them to discuss ways in which to realize the eradication of Gender Based Violence (GBV) in different societies and, for women to know what they can do to protect themselves against it.

She outlines the need for starting businesses as way to make a living,

“Lesotho has a very high unemployment rate, it is even difficult to find ways to make a living nowadays. But the event will help discuss the little things they can do to make a living such as starting small businesses or,

producing any product that they can produce and be able to sell. The event is for everyone to attend especially men and youths who also have the courage to empower single mothers.”

Motlatsi Daniel Khoachele, a professional counsellor, expresses that his task to provide a therapeutic talk session. At this session attendees will share their opinions regarding the different subject areas of discussion on mothers and, how to sustain good health and mental wealth for both them and their children.

The event’s general dedication is on women in general, not just single mothers. This is because women can encounter several issues that could lead to depression, stress and mental problems, so they focused on relieving stress, helping them open up about the issues that may affect them and issues that affect their livelihoods in general.

Introducing them to the Me first’ principle gives them the opportunity to embrace the understanding that, “a healthy parent makes a happy home,” because then they can create and maintain stable homes and families.

He says constant depression and stress, is passage of such tension from the guardian (mother) to the child thus experiencing heavy emotions at young stage of life thus impacting negatively on the health of the said child however,  through events such as this, instances of stress are eliminated and treated effectively, and at little to no cost. The event was to capacitate all women groups on how to live stress free in order to create positive growth enabling environments.

GUHA Lesotho Support Group is a non profit organisation registered under 2023, number 41, in the society register Maseru, under the society act of 1966, on February 6th 2023. It is established by a 27 year old, Mots’elisi Moneri. The organization is formed with the objective to help single parents to raise healthy kids by encouraging, equipping, and empowering them.

It also aims to help single parents to effectively navigate parenting issues, ensuring children’s health and safety, preparing children for life as productive adults, and transmitting cultural values.