By: Nothembabane Qechane


Leseli market and expo is an exhibition platform for the mobilization of support to indigenous Basotho through networking and encouraging commercial partnerships. With the stakeholders circle extending to both the private sector and government, the flea market was an inspiration to create contextual ground for self-curated employment opportunities.

The event is a 4 day marketing initiative set to take place during the last of the days leading into the calendar end of March. This will take place at Maseru mall. It precedes more activations that have yet to necessitate plannery for cross country business development and partnerships, wherein Mokenela Marketing will be taking Basotho vendors to partner with, from a country wide selection of the ten districts of Lesotho.

These vendors will be engaged in further businesses in an effort to accentuate cross-border trade by engaging vendors from other countries that exist within the SADC region and South African region. The partnership with Maseru mall stems from a series of partnerships that have yet to play an active role in the development of the local economy, while fostering international relations for their vendors. Their main purpose is to nurture under-developed sectors of business in Lesotho.

One of the entrepreneurs Matebello Moshoeshoe, who sells Miko products, says her brand prides itself in its ability to meet demand in a timely manner, hence their active presence at the Mokenela organized market this week.

She admits to being a first time attendant of the Leseli business flea market and commends it for the flow of clientele, “especially on the first day,”

She highlights the opportunity created by the market for her brand to reach new prospects and qualify leads. “The more people are exposed to a business, the more potential customers it has. Getting exposure can be a key factor in the success of a business,” she concludes by expressing appreciation for Leseli market, which has evidently enabled a variety of partaking brands to qualify their respective market in real time. That is evidence to guaranteed growth for each business.