By: Nothembabane Qechane


Locks and Beauty Studio is a business owned by Basotho, providing natural and artificial beauty services such as locks, hair styles, and manicure beauty products. They offer services are the lifeline of the business.

Their business is highly innovative, apart from locks maintenance and renewal, the shop also specializes in hand grooming services, with aspirations to in-cooperate more services.

The business sense of this establishment is on learning good discipline, you talk behaviour and how to interact with prospects. Amongst other things, business is about discipline, also it should run faster and speed is of great importance.

The owner says an important part of upholding delivery is the sense of urgency as services are delivered to clients, ‘working as a team is effective.” It simplifies the work.

The organisation’s focus is on developing a community that appreciates African power, and inevitable responsibility. Also ensuring an economic where they can then make and grow the brand.

They express afri-artisanship through spoken word compilations in the form of mostly poetry, through which they teach and ‘spread the word’ about different aspects of African beauty to eventually realize a reality wherein African art is dependable for the beauty industry, to flourish.

The incoming five year period is to see the brand penetrate international markets through networks with other countries – with the current focus being expanding to South Africa.

“People should find time to learn. And time to refresh their thinking, whilst paying attention to detail.

And patience is everything, kindness, trust and observance. One more thing; respect, that is the basis of everything.”