By: Nothembabane Qechane

On March 30th 2024 there will be a red carpet gala dinner where experts from various medical fields will come together for an open discussion on physical healing at Ha Thetsane.

Malehloa Letsie a leader of the Medical symposium, says the symposium was organized with the purpose of reinforcing the recognition of different approaches to healthcare, be they Western medicine practices or traditional practices.

Their goal is to foster collaboration and understanding among these diverse perspectives, knowing that each contributes to the patient’s well-being holistically.

A vast majority of individuals can share valuable insights when it comes to the latest advancements in technology or research. The symposium is basically a platform for networking, learning and development for all patrons involved (professionals, patients and institutions).

Letsie admits a realised lack of information wherein different stakeholders generally think they are not well informed when it comes to physical healing – the likes of when to consult a medical doctor and when, a traditional doctor. This includes knowledge of the general usage of herbs and dosage functions etc.

“People need a social seating to discuss important issues regarding their health, and professionals need a platform to do away with propaganda,” she adds.

In addition, their vision is to bring together these different healing techniques, through which they can contribute to a more balanced healthcare system for everyone and potentially influence policy in the future.

One member of the symposium says, “this is the first time where I will be working on such an event, having become a member of this team in October 2023. 

I know that collaboration is key to everything as it helps speed up processes.”

The team is made up of young professionals who are all eager to learn every day, contribute to meaningful initiatives and ultimately change situations for the better. And everyone who is among those people is well motivated each an everyday, understanding that she or he is contributing to a bigger purpose that just individual preferences.

The medical symposium also helps medical companies by providing some form of bradding and marketing opportunity for medical industry players to showcase their products and services to a large group of medical professionals. This will inevitably lead to increased sales and exposure for the different companies. Beyond this the symposium will be a platform for necessary feedback gathering for relevant stakeholders.

Medical symposiums are typically organized around a specific theme, such as a particular disease, treatment or new research findings. They can be organized by hospitals, universities, professional organizations or medical companies.

At medical symposium attendees typically have the opportunity to network with other professionals in their field and exchange ideas and information.