By: Kamohelo Ntsebeng


On March 8th 2024, the telecommunications powerhouse Econet Telecom Lesotho (ETL) finally announced the winner of the Hoa Hlamatseha campaign: unveiling Makatleho Mosiuoa as the winner of the grand prize of the Hoa Hlamatseha festive campaign for the month of March.

ETL embarked on the journey of Hoa Hlamatseha festive campaign and giving it the tagline #EconetBlueOceans in November 2023. That stemmed from recognition of the importance of cultivating a long lasting relationship with prospects while also striving to ensure and maintain customer loyalty through refining the quality of service it provides.

The campaign is reflective of ETL’s dedication to leading the way and shaping the future of the digital resolution in Lesotho, as well as strengthening ETL as the leader of innovation throughout Lesotho.

ETL General Manager in marketing communications and customer experience Mapusetso Nts’ekhe states that,

“Since introducing the Hoa Hlamatseha festive campaign they have been able to witness and experience its positive impact on the lives of their many esteemed customers across the ten districts of the Mountain Kingdom.”

She continues to note that handing over the M200k grand prize check to Makatleho Mosiuoa as the winner of the final prize money from the M2 million they set aside for this campaign shows that ETL is devoted to the meaningful impact of the lives of their customers and the communities it serves.

We live in a world where communication is very important, it is evident that ETL is not only bridging the digital gap but is also great a bridge of shared celebration and joy. The winner of the Hoa Hlamatseha festive campaign, Makatleho Mosiuoa admits that winning came as a surprise as this was her first entry into the competition, “I did not expect that I would win. I was just trying my luck when entering the competition.

I am grateful to ETL. This is a life changing reward.”

The winner of the last Hoa Hlamatseha M100k grand prize Tankiso Ramaisa was invited to celebrate this great breakthrough with Mosiuoa, expressing that he is truly happy that ETL continues to change lives.

At this day as they unveil Mosiuoa, Nts’ekhe reminds audiences of the excitement they witnessed in Maputsoe when unveiling Ramaisa as the M100k grand prize winner of the month of December and, at the Sefika Complex in Maseru when announcing Mamiki Khemisi as the M150k grand prize winner for the month of January.

In conclusion, through this campaign, over 1 million in cash prizes has been shared with ETL subscribers who participated in the campaign by just sending SMSs and by purchasing calling or data bundles. The campaign also resembled the significant inroads ETL continued to make towards bridging the connectivity gap and cementing its position as the best network in Lesotho.