By: Reitumetse Mahloane


On March 6th 2024, the Lesotho Sports & Recreational Commission (LSRC) held a press conference at Scenery Guest House Maqalika, for the farewell of Team Lesotho for the All African Games 2024, which will take place in Accra, Ghana.

The All Africa Games are a regional multisport event held every 4 years, one year before the Olympic games. For an African country to partake in these games, the country should be affiliated to the supreme council for sport in Africa, and Lesotho one such country hence this press conference, to not only to bid team Lesotho farewell but also to show support and for them to be given enough motivation to have morale and confidence in themselves.

A few people were given a platform to give brief speeches and some words of motivation, among which was the Ministry of Gender, Youth, Sports and Recreation, which was represented by the ministry’s Private Secretary (PS) Mpho Marathane. She reiterates the ministry’s pride for Team Lesotho for partaking in the All African Games 2024. She says, “There will be challenges, however the players should know that they have everyone’s support. The parents, families, the coaches, and the country at large. Re le Basotho, we have put all our trust in you and have high hopes for the success of the games.”

After which she wished them a great journey, the best luck, and without any pressure, success. The players made a promise to follow all their game rules and play fairly with other teams, promising to work hard and come back home having won the games. One of the coaches, Letsema Moiloa, is grateful to everyone who is taking part in making this journey a possibility- players, sponsors and coaches.

He says, “such games are not as easy and they need a lot of time for preparations,” hence his pledge that players should be prepared annually for such international games, and also prepare a good budget for the players. He concluded by saying that as coaches, they will participate fully in the upcoming games and be there completely for their players.

LSRC President Mots’eremeli Lits’itso, clarified that they prepared themselves prior well in time for the African Games 2024. He declared however, that the budget for taking this trip to the games was limiting and yet, they continue to make effort to ensure that players are ready.

He thanks the parents and partners of the players for giving them support. Mokulubete Makatisi, an athlete, says she is grateful and happy to be one of the chosen players. She commits to being at her best in order to bring a win for the country.

The country wishes them good plays and wins in all their games.