By: Kamohelo Ntsebeng

Radebe foundation is a Lesotho based organisation committed to cultivating a thriving and resilient community in Liphakoeng, Leribe. Their primary focus lies in addressing fundamental needs and enhancing accessibility to essential services and infrastructure. It is to host this year’s Moshoeshoe’s day horse racing which will be held at Peka Leribe on March 11th 2024, with prizes to be won during activites.

Lebo Radebe, the chairperson of the Radebe foundation declared that the race will be held in commemoration of Moshoeshoe’s day in order to incorporate the element of culture so as to give and remind the nation an idea of where they come from as Basotho. From the days of their founder, Morena Moshoeshoe I, Basotho used to ride horses as a means of transport hence horses became part of Basotho heritage.

The foundation is aiming on building a top tier race course within the next two years, the main aim being to capacitate skills of the local equestrians with regards to trusting them with breeding the best quality of race horses. It is also stated that the foundation is planning on opening a horses’ veterinary clinic.

The Equestrians Association of Lesotho President, Khalanyane Lehora says being the first of its kind, the race will develop Lesotho, heralding the main sponsor being the Radebe foundation that is dedicated towards the development of sports.

He states the M300 000 which the foundation has pledged is a huge stretch from their usually limited prizes at around a maximum of M5000 prize funding.

Radebe says with evolution, horse racing was born hence Radebe foundation seeks to re-elevate the golden sport to an international level. “Lesotho needs to be renowned as a destination for a world class horse racing contest,” he advocates.

Lesotho jockeys who have taken part at South African popular horse races such as the Durban July Polo and Tanti horse race have bestowed superb performances. He says through this Mosheshoe’s day Horse Race, Basotho may be able to return the favour and host their foreign counterparts.

The event will be held in celebration of the founding of the Basotho nation by King Moshoeshoe I in 1824 coinciding with Basotho’s bicentennial anniversary.

The Radebe foundation has come to find horse racing as a multimillion sporting code however neglected within Lesotho, thus forcing equestrians to search for greener pastures in neighbouring countries. This great event will provide the Radebe foundation with an opportunity to make horse racing a top calendar event in Lesotho.

The race will unite Lesotho and South Africa’s horse racing clubs, further strengthening and uniting Lesotho’s own Horse racing club.

It is said to be more than a race, a vibrant tapestry of Basotho culture, music, traditional attire and the spirit of community. In attendance of the event, everyone is expected to wear their ‘Seana-Marena’ to appease the mandate of the event to resemble the Basotho culture. There will also be cultural performances of mokhibo, litobolonya and mohobelo.

Prize money for equestrians will be clustered into four categories depending on their performances on the field, with the best performers set to triple A and B.