By: Mpho Shelile

Makoti Festival- a celebration put together by men who wanted to honor the good work and the significant role women play in communities, celebrations scheduled to take place on April 27th in Eswatini and October 5th in Lesotho respectively.

The Makoti Festival celebrates the essence of tradition, unity, and love within the African community. Makoti, a term in several African cultures meaning “new bride” or “newlywed wife,” symbolizes the spirit of  new beginnings, cultural heritage, and the strength of family bonds. It is also an attempt to  join hands to empower women and  eradicate gender based violence (GBV).

This festival serves as a platform to showcase the beauty of African traditions, from intricate ceremonies to colorful attire, vibrant music, and delectable cuisine. It’s a celebration that not only honors the past but also embraces the present and looks towards the future with optimism and pride.

Furthermore, the Makoti Festival aims to foster community engagement and empowerment by providing a platform for local artisans, entrepreneurs, and performers to showcase their talents and contribute to the cultural tapestry of our society.

Mrs. Swazi Thembi Nkosi Mthethwa indicated that as they embark on the journey of celebration and cultural exchange, they invite all to join in commemorating the beauty and diversity of African traditions, and to partake in the joyous festivities that lay ahead.