By: Nothembabane Qechane


Drug abuse is the use of illegal drugs or the use of prescription or over the counter drugs for purposes other than those for which they are meant to be used, or in excessive amounts. On February 28th 2024, the Anti-Drug Abuse Association of Lesotho (ADAAL), Sunrise Rehabilitation Centre (SRC) and the Lesotho Correctional Service (LCS) held an orientation at the American Corner Maseru (ACM) – State Library in an effort to sound an alarm to the country of Lesotho about the high rate at which youth are involved in drug abuse.

The Anti-Drug Abuse Association of Lesotho was formed in 2002 and, started working 2003. For a period of 20 years now they, “have been fighting for the destiny and best vision of this nation,” says ADAAL Chairperson Molelo Mpeta. He says according to the organisation’s observation and research, drug abuse starts under the age of 18 years, and ADAAL is making awareness for future generations to curb all types of addiction.

Assuming that starting from grade 7 children get involved in drug related activities, they have started making visits even to primary schools, the likes of Mpho Community Primary School; to teach them on the importance of anti-drug lifestyles. “You will agree with me that at grade 7, a student is still expected to focus on studying, wherein the use of drugs is bound to affect their studies.”

“Also, the use of drugs will result into negative peer pressure, because the influence of poor choices like indulging in alcohol and smoking after school, may lead to increased statistics of drop outs.”

Sunrise Rehabilitation Centre CEO Sebabatso Potsane Mokuku stated that, SRCO was formed for the purpose of helping people who struggle with drug abuse. She says they at SRCO have long been aware that the country of Lesotho is facing drug related difficulties hence the decision to partake in solving that through the following four (4) services.

The first service is the inpatient service where they refer patients to their partner treatment centre for addiction called Elim Clinic, situated in Johannesburg. In this service a patient is taken under observed care for 24 hours in the hospital and accepted for 21 days. Secondly the outpatient service where a patient is cared for from within the comfort of their home. They offer the following services; rapid drug testing, detoxification, counselling, family support, spiritual counselling and group therapies. Thirdly aftercare to people who have completed their programs and the fourth one is early intervention program at schools.  

According to one victim of drug abuse says, “Youth should speak and must be willing to seek for help about their mistakes. Drug abuse leads to the loss of certain relationships, and when they seek help from God who will guide them.”

He continued encouraging youth to pray as the foundation of their way forward saying, “prayer will lighten their path.” Further encouraging relevant victims to approach ADAAL for help.