By: Kamohelo Ntsebeng


Sunday chill out events are providing a much needed space for young people to relax, socialise and have fun. It is at these types of events where undiscovered talent is found. ‘Hear me out’ is a daytime Sunday chillout event that takes place at the Big 6. It is strictly hosted every Sunday to serve as a platform for creative artists to showcase their artistry in a raw and unplugged format.

One of the organisers Oceans Pappie says, “this is an environment properly curated to allow conversation with a focus on community and an entirely different experience from what other establishments offer.”

He also continues to explain it as a safe space for patrons to go decompress after a long week in a set up that does not resemble the benchmark standard of ‘grooving.’

It is very important as the youth to go out and socialise with friends and meet new people so as to distress. “We all know that Sundays are fundays to go out and be what you are without regretting anything. And we can all agree that there is no chilled day as a Sunday that is why it is the best day to showcase your talents and get out of your comfort zones.”

Hear Me Out consists of a collective called DAEMAN, this is a collective of 5 members who are the multidisciplinary creative and have matured in different facets of Lesotho’s entertainment industry. Oceans Pappie says it is meant for everyone to be heard in whatever aspect they want to air out.

The co-owner of Big 6 Masilo Mosoeunyane said it was quite easy to get into partnership with Daeman because they believe in food for thought.

He spoke out that when Daeman approached them to be a venue for hosting Hear Me Out episodes, it was already in line with the appetite for events they wish to host and as such decided to offer a space where creatives, introverts, extroverts and ordinary folks can meet and share their thoughts while being entertained.

I genuinely think what is done by Daeman is a very good gesture for the public as a whole and therefore they should be given a chance to embrace themselves in every way possible. One of Daeman’s friends and supporter Boithatelo stated that the place is very chilled and that, “the vibes there are insanely incredible.”

“it’s a very chilled place where everybody feels like themselves and does what their hearts desires instead of feeling like they do not fit in or anything of some sort,” she said.

She suggests that for every one who has been feeling excluded and neglected by common crowds to visit the Daeman activation, “I had one crazy experience and, the place was vibing – not to mention how cool the Daeman actually are!”