By: Mpho Shelile

Over time, environmental conservation has become increasingly important. The Light Events Greening Service has organized a cleaning campaign to preserve the natural beauty of Maseru. As a pre-event to the cleaning venture this coming Saturday, they had a fun walk last weekend. The campaign is led by passionate individuals and youth representatives from various organizations who are playing an essential role in preserving the ecosystem of Lesotho. A significant example of their efforts is the upcoming initiative to clean up an environmental site (Maqalika) where the accumulation of debris poses a threat to the habitat.

Light Events Greening Service is a remarkable social enterprise that offers innovative waste management solutions during events and post-events. The company was founded on January 5th, 2022, by two visionary individuals named Sebusiso Bosiu and Rethabile Mafa, who saw the need to make a difference in their community. Light Events Greening Service has successfully brought together a network of different stakeholders to join in their commitment to keeping Maqalika clean. Their efforts extend to various places such as the Craft, Makoro Boats, and Lesotho Durham Link, where they have implemented sustainable waste management practices to promote environmental protection and sustainability.

Sebusiso in his remarks stated that the cleaning campaign for natural landmarks like dams can be both admirable and necessary for environmental preservation. These efforts often involve removing trash, debris, and pollutants that accumulate over time, restoring the natural beauty of the area, and protecting wildlife habitats. “Regular clean-up initiatives can also help raise awareness about the importance of keeping these ecosystems healthy and encourage responsible behavior among visitors. Additionally, involving volunteers in such campaigns can foster a sense of community engagement and stewardship for the environment,” said Sebusiso.

He stated that he believes that volunteer cleaning campaigns serve as powerful platforms for raising awareness on environmental issues, so they have taken the first step which is a fun walk around Maqalika to invite not only businesses around that place but also the villagers. By actively engaging in cleaning activities, volunteers not only contribute to immediate improvements but also draw attention to the importance of preserving natural habitats and hopefully more tourists can visit the place. So through social media, local news coverage, and community outreach, The Light Events Greening Service cleaning campaign emerges to amplify its message, inspiring others to take action and adopt more sustainable practices.  

He then emphasized the importance of the volunteer cleaning campaign and its underlying sense of community spirit and collaboration. He passionately appealed to people from all walks of life to unite with a shared objective of safeguarding the environment for generations to come. His heartfelt message was a call to action for everyone to join hands in the noble cause of preserving our City and securing a better future for ourselves and our children.

Outdoor skills and manager at Durham Link, Mr. Martin Habaka stated that this collective effort fosters bonds within communities, strengthening social cohesion and creating a network of environmentally conscious citizens. “By uniting people in a common cause, we hope these empowers not only the Maqalika community but also for their businesses to grow. I hope communities and stakeholders take ownership of their surroundings and become advocates for change,” said Martin.

He expressed that the impact of volunteer cleaning campaigns extends far beyond the immediate removal of litter and debris. By restoring the cleanliness of natural sites like dams, these campaigns help preserve biodiversity, protect wildlife habitats, and maintain the ecological balance. Furthermore, by preventing pollutants from entering waterways, they contribute to the overall health of ecosystems and ensure access to clean water for both humans and wildlife. “I Believe that more clients will come to us now that the water will not be as smelly and as littered as before henceforth Durham Link will be assisting with boats and men to help with the cleaning,” said Martin.

Many fishers had been vocal about the challenges they face due to the increasing levels of water pollution. They have expressed that one of the most immediate and devastating consequences of this contamination is the depletion of fish stocks. A variety of contaminants, such as disposable nappies, agricultural runoff, plastic and algae, have disrupted ecosystems and led to a decline in fish population. This is a major concern for these fishers, as dwindling catches threaten both their economic sustainability and food security. They depend on these fish stocks to earn a living and feed their families, and the decline in populations poses a significant risk to their way of life.

Stating that they depend on these fish stocks to earn a living and feed their families, and the decline in populations poses a significant risk to their way of life. While the other outlined that they are not only dependent on the seafood for their livelihood but also for sustenance. However, polluted waters pose significant health risks as they contaminate fish with heavy metals, toxins, and harmful chemicals. Consuming contaminated seafood can lead to a myriad of health issues, including neurological disorders, cancer, and reproductive problems, impacting both fishers and their communities. “So I commend what the Light Events Greening Service cleaning campaign is doing for us as fishers”, said one of the fishers.

Mr. Tumo Malebo expressed that volunteer cleaning campaigns are a great example of how collective action can help address environmental challenges. These campaigns not only help in mobilizing communities but also create awareness about environmental issues and take necessary measures to preserve natural habitats. These campaigns demonstrate that even ordinary individuals have the power to become agents of change. He concluded his statement by stating that we should all draw inspiration from the dedication and passion of the Light Events Greening Service cleaning campaign and work together to protect and cherish the precious gift of our city as we strive towards building a more sustainable future.