By: Thoboloko Ntšonyane

MASERU- The Lesotho Post Bank (LBP) has unveiled an interactive chatbot dubbed ‘Tsotsoma’.

These developments transpired yesterday in Maseru.

Tsotsoma, meaning running faster is the banks latest service that the customers banking with LPB can use and interact with for the services offered by the bank.

The service is available on WhatsApp platform.

According to the bank’s Application Developer Specialist Lipholo Pheko, the user has to have a WhatsApp application in their phone and send the word “hi” Tsotsoma which will begin to interact with them.

With this latest service, one is able to open an account in the comfort of their home just by interacting and following the instructions they get from Tsotsoma.

He said since it is in the pilot phase, it is only interactive in English promising more features moving forward.

It offers three main menus, being self-service, account service and talking to agents and there are more other services as it can also take the user to the appropriate office within the bank depending on their need.

Pheko said this service is likely to bring more jobs going forward, more staff will be required to man on a 24 hours service.

LBP Chief Sales Manager ‘Mathabo Ts’ehlo said this offering is accessible to all LPB clients.

She said the customers queries are addressed remotely through this chatbot.

The Chief Sales Manager further highlighted that Tsotsoma offers the forms needed by the bank users such as the proof of residence and which the user is able to send back on the same platform once filled.

Ts’ehlo mentioned that this latest invention updates the clients’ latest news and updates the bank offer. It also updates the user about the auto teller machines (ATMs) statuses on which are nearer to them and active in real time.

Ts’ehlo said amongst other features that Tsotsoma boasts include referring the users to the relevant offices within the bank including forwarding the documents to appropriate offices within the bank.

Mahase Mahooana, acting Managing Director said this service will enhance customer experience in terms of convenience.

He urged their clients to utilize this service for their convenience.

Mahooana said it will further save transport costs and time for the LBP customers.

LBP is a 100 percent government owned bank.