Karabo Letoka, an 8th grade student at Mabathoana High School which a Catholic school in Maseru, Lesotho. Karabo is also known as a top performer in her school; prevailing in various subjects and activities. She has received critical acclaim from her teachers and several awards, including Best Performer in Arts, Best Performer in Social Science, Best Performer in LBSE, Best Performer in Sesotho, Position 1 in Streams, Best Performer in Maths, and Best Performer in Science & Tech.”

Karabo is a passionate learner and is committed to achieving her goals. She has a notable interest in studying ICT, Math and Science, especially the branch of surgery, Prosthetics, which is the making and fitting of artificial body parts. She says that Prosthetics help her realize that she can do what she wants, which is to study both science and IT. Karabo has also been curious about our galaxy and its mysteries, her love for the stars is the reason she wants to become an expert in the astronomical sciences one day.

The fruits of her strenuous labor keep her motivated. She also made mention of how helping others has helped her achieve her goals. For example, in a Mathematics class, she is able to explain to her classmates a certain topic, and in turn, she learns teaching skills.

Outside the classroom she spends most of her time reading, practicing, and testing herself. She also participates in the science club, arts club, and ICT club. A prime example of how education does not come to a halt outside the classroom.

As intelligent and motivated as she is, Karabo does faces challenges as a student. Her noisy and nosy classmates can become a distraction however, she says that being introverted is quite helpful because she can do things on her own without bothering anyone. Karabo understands that having other students bother her is a normal part of the social scene of most schools. Things like gossip are not a concern to her, it is abundantly clear that people will always talk – regardless of the nature of the situation, be it good or bad.

Managing stress and coping with failure is part of the student package. Karabo has developed her own strategies and healthy coping habits to deal with the pressures of being a student. Although she is barely ever stressed, Karabo is able to curb stress by reading. She says that reading calms her down. She also recites words of affirmation to herself, reminding herself that it will be alright and failure is just a part of the process.

Karabo has big plans for her future. She wants to own businesses, work as a medical doctor, technician and become an expert in astronomy. With a sturdy support system, she is well on her way. She is surrounded by reinforcement and inspiration, such as her science club leaders, her closest friend Karabelo, and her mom.

Karabo Letoka is a remarkable student, who has achieved a lot in her first year of high school. She is a role model for other students who want to pursue their dreams and passions. With her seemingly limitless potential and her undying passion, it is clear that the future is hers for the taking.