By Leseli Mahloane

MASERU – Boitumelo Sehlotho is a pageant queen who has been passionate about pageantry since she was young. She sees pageantry as a way to grow herself in various aspects, such as confidence, public speaking, volunteering, and more.

Pageantry is not only about the glamour and glitter, but also about the power to inspire, impact, change, and motivate others. Boitumelo has used her platform to reach out to different people and causes across the world.

However, being a pageant queen is not easy, especially when you come from a country that does not value pageantry as much as others. Boitumelo is from Lesotho, a small landlocked country in Southern Africa, where pageantry is not well-known or supported. She has faced many challenges and obstacles to pursue her dreams.

Despite the difficulties, Boitumelo has achieved remarkable feats in the pageant world. She is the first and reigning Miss Supranational Lesotho 2022, who competed in Poland last year. She is also Miss International Lesotho 2023, who is currently in Japan for the prestigious Miss International competition.

Boitumelo is not only a beauty with a crown, but also a beauty with brains. She is a Bachelor of Commerce graduate from the University of the Free State and is pursuing her studies to become an accredited chartered accountant. She considers graduating as one of her greatest achievements.

Boitumelo believes that the support for aspiring pageant queens has to start at home. They need a strong support system that will help them mentally and emotionally to chase their dreams. They also need to surround themselves with the right people who will encourage and uplift them.

Boitumelo needs your support too. She asks you to share, comment, and like her pictures on social media as she embarks on her journey to Miss International. You can also vote for her for free on the Miss International app that can be downloaded on any phone.

One of the skills that Boitumelo has learned through pageantry that she still cherishes today is public speaking. She has developed the ability to engage with people of different backgrounds and personalities and to speak her truth in front of hundreds of people.

Boitumelo is 22 years old, born and raised in Lesotho. She attended Ladybrand Academy and now lives in Bloemfontein for school.

Boitumelo is also a social activist who cares about the issues facing the youth of today. She is the founder of a campaign called Unlock Minds, which aims to reduce the lack of entrepreneurship among the youth by first targeting their minds.

She believes that the mind is the strongest organ in the human body and that if people can control their minds, they can control their lives. Unlock Minds works closely with young people to help them shape their minds into believing that they are capable of achieving their dreams and aspirations. It empowers them to find their purpose, identity, and strengthen themselves to have the courage to dream big and chase their ambitions. It educates them to understand that every great dream begins with a dreamer and that they have the patience and passion to reach for the stars and change the world.

Boitumelo Sehlotho is a pageant queen with a purpose. She is not only representing Lesotho on the international stage, but also representing herself as a woman of substance, vision, and action.

She greeted Japan with enthusiasm and gratitude: “Konnichiwa, Japan! The time we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. Dear Lesotho, I pledge to forever cherish you in my heart. I carry your wonderful farewells and blessings with me to Japan.”