Countless generations have spoken about legends, heroes, and champions through song and writing. One could often compare one’s life to that of a song, not just any song but one composed of one’s nature and true calling, with notes that take us up and down. Why they chose a song to represent life is an enigma for another day. What we are to understand is that every piece is good but few songs are great. On the 26th of August, a legend and champion was brought into this world, his music now echoing through the halls and minds of the doctors and nurses. As the voice that would change leadership and motivation forever had begun its melody, with a command for leadership, our champion has helped bring about change in countless individuals, organizations, and schools across Lesotho and the SADC DOMAIN.

 He is a practicing Pastor, Business Coach and Mentor, who has mentored a lot of high-profile personalities in the SADC region, including politicians, captains of industry, and religious leaders. He is also a certified level 3 Life, Business, and Leadership Coach who has plied his trade at the highest level.  He is certified by the highly credible Life Coaching Academy of the United States of America. He is a highly sought-after Public Speaker, Television and Radio Personality. Ted Msipa is widely recognized as the number one Leadership Coach in Lesotho and beyond. He has made several appearances on both local and International Television including the famous TBN, LTV, ZBC, and CBTV. “A leader … is like a shepherd. He stays behind the flock, letting the most nimble go out ahead, whereupon the others follow, not realizing that all along they are being directed from behind.” -Nelson Mandela

The great Dr. Ted Msipa has a passion and hunger for knowledge and a keen eye for leadership opportunities and growth, on the 26th of August 2023, a memorable  celebration of Dr. Ted Msipa’s 50th birthday was held at Lancers Inn Hotel with flamboyance. The theme of the event was gold as it was a tribute to him reaching his jubilee and what a celebration it was full of joy, love, and dance.  

The sensational performance given by Queen Nyasha was truly memorable as she spoke her message through song and left all of us in awe and standing on our feet wishing for more. The year of Jubilee is the year of freedom and liberty for all the inhabitants of the land. As a result, God liberates us from all forms of oppression whether political,economical or spiritual! The greatness being celebrated on this day was truly inspiring as a number of speakers went up and shared their experiences with Dr. Ted over the years and we were all in shock at how much has been achieved by such a great leader. A leader who is continually giving of himself and improving in his field. Having said this we would love to join you as you celebrate your day and say happy birthday Dr. Ted and thank you for all you have done for the industry leaders in Lesotho and beyond. 

The gathering had the who is who of Maseru, including Honorable Rakuoane, the immediate past Minister of Justice. The Current Deputy Speaker of Parliament Honorable Tsita Mosena,Captains of Industry were also there including Mr.Mpho Vumbukani, the trailblazing CEO of LNIG-Hollard and the First Mosotho CEO of Standard Lesotho Bank. Also present were The BAM Group President Mrs. Tikiso as was the BAM CEO Mrs. Mahloane. The occasion was also graced by the leading Auctioneer, Mr. Thulo Ntene of TnT , Alongside literary Genius and Award Winning Author Kennedy Silase. The Deputy Principal Secretary of Health-Mrs. Monyobi was also present as was the President of the Lesotho Hotels and Restaurants, Mrs. Marethabile Sekhiba,the Founder of Scenery Guest House. Reverend Patience Msipa also gave a deep insight to the relationship between Dr. Ted and the BAM Group. Clergymen were also present as evidenced by the presence of Pastors Mabiza, Pastors Mpesi, Pastors Malebanye and others.

All speakers appreciated the humility of Dr. Ted alongside his life transforming interventions in both business and Christianity. Dr.Ted gave a vote of thanks and appreciated the love.