The Soaring Power of Effective Communication


Let me take this opportunity to acknowledge and applaud you as a leader. The job of a leader is an oxymoron full of bitterness and sweetness. It is so misunderstood and greatly undervalued. Most leaders die in silence because they are made to lead while they are bleeding. However, l have noticed something strange about leadership challenges. Most of them are speaking or communication challenges in nature. Leaders have died not because of the absence of help, they have died due to their poor speaking abilities and failure to connect in communication. This is why communication is a premium skill for each and every leader.

Leaders are public speakers

The issue of public speaking is vital in equipping leaders with the capacity to deal with their huge responsibilities. You may disagree with me, but l genuinely believe that ninety percent of a leader’s assignment is to speak or communicate. This is why we employ people on the basis of their ability to express what they have done and what they can do. Sometimes they come good on their word which is wonderful, but at times they flop yet they are already in. Such is the power of communication that it opens huge doors for you.

Communication is a prime soft skill

The ability to communicate confidently and convincingly in public or in closed meetings is a valuable asset to anyone who yearns to assume and maintain an active leadership role in this world. The greatest leader in the world is Jesus Christ. He is such an awesome communicator that he communicates with us through the sixty six books of the bible. 

Public speaking is a highly sought-after skill in the corporate domain these days. Many consider it a game changer and a secret weapon in career development. Employers and Recruiters alike put a high premium on the soft skills of communication. Most Executives will concur with me in submitting that the skill they cherish the most in potential executives is the ability to excel in oral and written skills. Marriage is not exempt from the power of communication. A great number of break ups are the culmination of poor communication skills rather than adultery.

Communication is a propeller of your destiny.

May l submit to you that clear communication is the critical way to every leader’s success story? What do Mandela, Nkrumah, Martin Luther King Jnr and Barak Obama have in common? Amazing public speaking skills. That is why they all became outstanding leaders. In the corporate domain or marketplace, the person who is a master communicator is the one whose ideas carry the day. The clear thinker is the real leader. Great communicators will benefit from great thinking. The fact is that thinkers who are articulate with their thoughts will soon rule the world. The world runs on well communicated ideas. No wonder the Americans and other highly democratic nations hold presidential debates. The whole idea being to see which candidate has more buyable ideas.

Here are a few tips on communication:

1. Effective communication skills are non-negotiable, but a standard.

2. Polishing communication skills will serve you now and throughout your career.

3. Oral and written communication skills are not only job-securing but career-holding skills. Strive to get them.

4. Public speaking skills will help you to become a more engaging and powerful citizen. Maximize it and excel.

5. Learn to repeat keywords so as to reinforce your viewpoint. Repetition is the mother of all learning.

6. If you have a mouth, you can become an effective public speaker. It’s a skill, it must be honed.

7. Always communicate for a specific purpose not because you have a mouth.

8. Never 👎 present a speech to someone before you present it to yourself.

9. Practice will make it perfect. This is why you need plenty of it.

May the leader in you rise to conquer? Jesus Christ is the Ultimate leader. He was such a Master Communicator. Who can forget the Beatitudes, The Rich Young Ruler and the Good Samaritan, and many other wonderful stories of the Bible? You too can communicate effectively like him. Just keep it simple and stupid. 

Ted Msipa is an Author, Business Coach, Leadership Strategist, Marriage Master Mentor and Pastor.