– By Dr. Ted Msipa

You are Amazing, be Grateful.

I Salute You

May I convey my humble greetings to you, my leader. This is an amazing day of an amazing month, where the whole Lesotho is abuzz with joy, love and good wishes for the Father of the Nation.

On that note, please allow me to celebrate with the whole Mountain Kingdom and all its well-wishers, the milestone birthday of the Father of the Nation, King Letsie III. We celebrate our King and wish him many more blessed and fruitful years. We thank God for the gift that our King is. A true father and a champion for his great nation. Happy 60th birthday RaBasotho , Ntate oa rona. Long live our King.

You are Amazing

 Allow me to celebrate you also because you are fearfully and wonderfully made. I am in awe of your appearance; you are indeed the Master’s special project. You are the best you that you can ever be, a true original and indeed God’s Masterpiece. This week, I came to remind you that you are a survivor and a great fighter, you fought from the point of conception to the point of birth. If you are reading this piece, congratulations, you are still alive and you are a survivor. It means you are still fighting. I know you are fighting towards your breakthrough. You have won many fights and I back you to prevail in this one. That is your first port of confidence. God has allowed you to be alive for a reason. Your victory is sealed in the sky.

Struggles are normal

Struggles will always be a part of our lives as human beings, but the nice part of it is that all things will come to pass. Just imagine a woman in labour, she goes through a lot of stuff and at times feels like she wants to quit, but guess what she persists and that explains the reason you and l were born. Our human spirits are strong beyond imagination. We have survived wars, we have survived poverty, we have survived slavery, we have survived inflation and we have survived rejection. Guess what, we are still standing. Our ability to survive is truly amazing. We will survive every negative thing and achieve our full potential. We were designed for victory and we are built for eternity. We are the creator’s finest creation; we are human beings. We will always overcome against the odds. I celebrate your tenacity.

Your Scars are Victory Reminders.

Deep inside you are gifts which will help both you and the world. God has invested so much in you and is trusting you to deliver on your mandate. You are a moving powerhouse, a phenomenon and a wonder. Whenever I see you, there is greatness written all over your face. I see your battle scars; they are a reminder of the trials and tribulations you have been through. They are your victory symbols; they are the mark of the enduring spirit that you carry. They remind me of your greatness. Never be ashamed of your scars, they are the trophy of your accomplishments. Without the battles, there would be no victories. I celebrate your enduring spirit. You inspire me to think big and to dream big. Never give up because of the pain, you are about to receive another trophy.

Thank You for Showing Up

Thank you for coming along my path. It was never a coincidence; it was a divine orchestration. I am better because of you. Iron sharpens iron as man sharpens man. We are all major contributors to a better world. I am grateful to God for your life. It was our encounter that I have become a dreamer. I am grateful we met and together we shall do exploits in this world. I am grateful. I wish you well on your journey to the top.

Rise and Conquer 

May the Leader in you rise to conquer, may you prevail in all your battles because you were born to win. You carry the DNA of a champion, the DNA of Christ the Ultimate Leader. Arise and shine better days are calling you. The future is radiant, put on your glasses, because greatness is about to overtake you.