In the heart of Lesotho, a kingdom stands,

A land of beauty, rich with noble lands.

And in this month, we celebrate with cheer,

The birthday of our King, whom we hold dear.

July, a month of warmth and endless skies,

We raise our voices, let our spirits rise.

With gratitude, we honor his noble reign,

A monarch whose wisdom we all attain.

King of Lesotho, a guiding light,

Your grace and kindness shining ever bright.

Your birth month calls for joyous celebration,

A time to honor you, our nation’s foundation.

From the soaring peaks of Maloti’s embrace,

To the flowing rivers, a symbol of grace,

Your leadership has nurtured this sacred land,

Uniting us all with an unwavering hand.

Your reign, a testament to strength and might,

Guiding Lesotho through both day and night.

With compassion and love, you’ve led the way,

Inspiring us to strive for a brighter day.

In this joyful month, we come together,

To honor you, our King, now and forever.

With gratitude and love, our voices unite,

Wishing you a birthday filled with pure delight.

May blessings surround you, dear King of our land,

As we celebrate you with an outstretched hand.

Long live the King, Lesotho’s cherished pride,

Happy birthday to you,

King Letsie birthday month poem

In Lesotho’s realm, where mountains touch the sky,

A noble King was born, his reign we glorify.

As July unfolds, we celebrate with glee,

The birthday of King Letsie, wise and free.

King Letsie, a symbol of grace and might,

Your birth month brings us joy, shining so bright.

With dignity and honor, you lead our land,

Guiding Lesotho with an unwavering hand.

In your reign, compassion and kindness prevail,

Uniting our people, where love will never fail.

Your wisdom guides us through each passing day,

As we look to you, our beacon, lighting the way.

In this month of jubilation and cheer,

We honor you, our King, with voices sincere.

With gratitude, we pay homage to your reign,

A ruler who leads us with a compassionate flame.

From the valleys wide to the Maloti peaks,

Your presence inspires, bringing hope that speaks.

Through challenges faced, you stand tall and strong,

A King beloved, to whom we all belong.

May joy surround you on your special day,

As we celebrate you in our own unique way.

Long live King Letsie, may your light always shine,

Happy birthday, with blessings divine!

In Lesotho’s heart, your legacy will remain,

A King whose compassion no words can contain.

With love and respect, we honor your birth,

Wishing you happiness and abundance on this Earth